The CSA refuses to confirm how much we should pay

September 28, 2011

My partner has been using the CSA for the last 2 years to pay his ex for his 2 children. In march 2011 he finished work to go self employed, for a period he was claiming job seekers allowance as the self employment fell thorough, in early May he contacted CSA to tell them that he had started working and the rates he was getting paid, and asked them to re calculate the amount he should be paying.

However now September 16th its still not sorted. We have no idea where to turn, he’s speaking to them on average 3 times a week, requesting manager call backs to find out why its taking so long to sort out, but still as of a phone call at 13.30 no one at the CSA knows how much he should be paying every month.

I’m really confused as hes not earning some massive amount, hes on minimum wage @ 36 hours a week. We can find out how much he should be paying via the online calculator, and all we’ve asked for is for written confirmation of this.

Don’t know where to turn at the moment.


  • joanne shier says:

    They are doing the same to us, stop ringing them as its of no cost to them, and no manager will call, write a letter of complaint via recorded delivery and also email them with your concerns, also give them a deadline to get back to or you will take it further, get your local mp involved, this might shake them up a bit. Sounds to me they are stalling to mount up arrears to then get a deo onto you, avoid this at every cost, pay something to them whilst they are sorting it out, or if you can pay the ex direct via bank marked child support. Hope this helps, good luck x

  • sara says:

    Thank you for the advice, he has stopped calling them now, and he is making a token payment every month! They are. Waste of my time!

  • amanda says:

    me and my partner have 3 young children, he also has 2 other children wich he has to pay mantinence for … he has been told that out of his £1000 wage each month he has to pay £390 to the other 2 children ?! i am so angry, that leaves us with £600 a month to pay mortgage, bills, and look after and feed our 3… etc … plus he travvels to see them every weekend costing £50 a week in petrol (each way !!!) this cant be right … can it !!

  • sara says:

    Amanda that dosent seem right to me, my partner brings home more than that a month, at the moment we have no other children in our household, she’s stopped him from seeing the children, so he’s paying the highest amount they can take off him and hes not paying that much, and he currently has about 8 months arrears due to a mistake on the CSA’s part. i would question that, you may find they have not put down that he has 3 other children, because they are useless, and no matter how many times you tell them, they do NOT listen.
    let me know how you get off 🙂

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