The CSA owes me money

July 13, 2015

i have requested on many occations how much i have payed in maintenance from the start no one will give me the infomation , i have payed all the money i owed two years ago but you are still taking to much now you owe me money i will not stop untill i get it back . now due to ill health i am unable to work overtime to be able to afford to pay as much can some one help me with this matter .also cos of the high amount i had to pay it made me loose my home due to bancruptcey if this is what the csa is all about children loosing there inheritance god help us.


  • King Canute says:

    If you know you are right & the CSA owes you money you have no other course of action but to take them to court. Good luck with that because they seem to be immune to prosecution.

    The CSA belongs to the Cold War period and it belongs to Soviet Communist Russia.

    There’s no other government department that has the same powers the CSA do.

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