The CSA only need to look at her bank records for proof

November 5, 2013

Split from my ex in 2011 and paid her £150 per week cash straight into her bank, and more when she requested & even more when she allowed me to visit the children. We then got back togeather in April 2012 and all my wages went into her account as she was the one with the direct debits for the bills.

In December 2012 we split for the final time and she told the CSA I hadn’t paid her a penny since 2011 and now that I owe her over £5k. Because we got back togeather after splitting the first time I never kept any proof of payments and now can’t defend myself to the CSA. Although she has told the CSA she was thinking of writing off the debt they are still going ahead.. And this morning I had a baliff letter. All the CSA need todo is look at her bank records and they would see the payments but they refuse to ask her… How can this be legal or the right thing to do…


  • CSA warrior says:

    There is a golden rule: COVER YOUR ARSE. there are no exceptions.

    how the CSA work is that the burden of proof is on you to produce evidence to support what you are saying. PWC`s dont seem to have the same problem. Until there is proof of what you are saying then they will assume you are talking shit.

    That said if you find the evidence it can be presented and considered. I would suggest that you get your ex to put something in writing.

    Good luck

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