The CSA only listens to PWCs

January 29, 2015

Been dealing with the inept idiots at the CSA for more than 10 years now. Gross inequality, a one rule fits all policy and a calculator that guarantees families are anything but supported by both parents fairly.

The CSA are only interested in the opinions of parents with primary care. Whether the the dad had a say in this doesn’t come into it.

My wife cleared off with another man and took my children with her. She then used the ‘more money if the dad doesn’t see his kids’ policy to make me pay as much as possible. I took her to court but she ignored the order. When I finally got to see the kids on a regular basis, she restricted sleep overs to keep her money. It’s a system unfit for purpose and open to abuse.

What frustrates me the most is media coverage that always portrays the poor mother, abandoned by the husband and complaining to the CSA. What about all those dads who are denied access to maximise earnings?

My ex-wife lives in a 6 bed roomed mansion that I used live in and she’s now married to a business man that earns far more than me, but she still manipulates access to have her pound of flesh. Child support? Maybe financially, but who really gets hurt in the long run? The children denied a father because mum wanted them to have another dad that she preferred. Disgraceful.