The CSA makes absent fathers

January 25, 2012

When my ex and I divorced, the financial settlement worked 70/30 in her favour, and the judge decreed that no further financial obligations on either part. For the last 3 years i have been mostly unemployed and have had my children with me for at least 100 nights of each year, more probably.

I moved back to Dundee last June and have continued to have my children at every opportunity, the last being Christmas when i had my 16yr old son for a week as he wanted to be with friends, but my 10 yr old daughter for all of the school holiday.

I work now, not for a lot of money, but imagine my surprise when the CSA have decided that about 37% of my net wage goes to them and I will no longer be able to be the father i have been to my children.

Thanks CSA, its no wonder ex-wifes love you


  • Karl Garrett says:

    Unfortunately, your just a cash machine to the ex, Unemployment or emigration is the only way out 🙁 – which doesn’t help I know, And as always its the children which suffer.

    No change of a private agreement?

  • Brian says:

    That’s unreal!! sorry to hear that and yet again another man destroyed.

    What shame and what are any man’s options when the balance is not equal.


    Brian ‘-(

  • chall says:


    What date was the court order made?

    chall ~ afairercsaforall

  • Terry norris says:

    Yes…just another case of a father being screwd by the ex and a system heavily weighted in her being screwd by them for £320 each month for a daughter I never see and her mother who walked out on me for some German twat she met on the Internet and was cyberwhoring with and we had only been married 9 months lol.
    She took my daughter away when she was 3 yrs old ,she’s nearly 9 now and I seen her 1 day last April.
    My ex uses her as a cash machine. I have no loving father/ daughter relationship,only a financial ancle chain to remind me of her for the next 10yrs or so.
    And what angers me is in the knews this week apponents against charging claimants for using the csa service we’re glorifying the csa on what a wonderful job they do and painting them in rose coloured petals…pmsl….couldn’t be further away from the truth….they are a bunch of arrogant,useless,rude incompetent bastards who I wouldnt piss on if they were on fire,same goes for the ex.

  • John says:

    ……….and guess what is coming next? The NRP will get shafted with FULL costs of using the CSA, and the PWC will pay nothing!

    The low life scum running this country should be lined up and Sh_t!

  • eddie says:

    hey i think its about time that the balance was restored for us dads that want to play a part in their childs futures but can’t because of CSA interference. I live near London and am hoping to take my case to court as I feel that not only my but also my sons rights have been seriously impaired.

    I would like to set up regular meetings with dads in the same boat (what a great name that could be) and discuss solutions to the problems that the CSA cause.

    Please contact me if you would benefit from this I know I would.

  • eddie says:

    sorry forgot e-mail address is [email protected]

  • Boogie Man says:

    Hi all, Karl wrote the only way is unemployment. is this true? if I avoid all contact with them and just not work nor claim benefit will they leave you alone? these numb nuts and thieves who steal peoples money and put into their own accounts. cuz i am doing that now but they keep sending me letters saying that they are going to default me. but i am not working nor claiming benefit i am set for life i found the gold mine i am living life. and soon moving to Qatar to work their for good. any advice will help.

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