The CSA make me scared and depressed, do I need to go to the police?

May 2, 2013


In 1999 i met 1 girl we were together only 2 months and of 2 months she said she is pregnant… suddenly she said that she didnt want to see me again. After 14 years she gave me to csa. csa send me letter..they want me to pay 8,000 pound every week. Also csa make me fear and scared. I send csa, paying money every week no problem but before paying money i just want to know DNA TEST. Also i want to see child birth cerficate; csa doesnt want to answer. Before this answer, csa give me very dancer force me to pay and like a prisan camp they said dont change your house dont do dont do dont do …csa really give me scared and depression..i really need urgent help…do i need to go police?


  • wilf says:

    Berkir:- The maximum anybody can be asked to pay for one child is £300 per week.

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