The CSA just keep changing the rules

June 14, 2013

were do we start…It seems to me the child support just keep on changing the rules.constant lies and false information.

I have doe on me since 2009 and i have always had to my ex has told them to re asses my imcome so guess what they want more money and now they say i owe £2700 in arrears. How does that work out?

I only had a six week delay becuase i applyed for a variation becuase i have a child with a long term illness which the csa told me to. now they say i have to be claiming disibilty benefit for my child in my care to have a discount which i have done but this could take upto 9 weeks now they are going to take the full amount.untill my claim has been completed .i can never get hold of my case worker .and why do they call you then hang up straight away .their just a joke and dont give a toss about the otheir familys only the parent with care


  • Carrie says:

    We found they favour the pwc ,totally unfair -the CSA weren’t interested in us nrp&nrpp .They(pwc) can say what they want & the CSA will believe them if it means more money coming in
    !We have had a year of this treatment & had enough.I have a feeling they will have a lot to pay out in the future in compensation by taking this totally unfair attitude.When will the CSA treat both sides fairly that is ALL we ask for !!

  • stuart says:

    Carrie check out the DWP code of conduct for staff and impartiality is a major behaviour required, sadly they fail to demonstrate this in the majority of their actions, Worth reminding them next time you have the misfortune to contact them.

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