The CSA just ‘guessed’ my husband’s earnings

May 14, 2013

My husband has 2 children from 2 previous relationships. One of the mothers claimed through the CSA against my husband but then closed the claim. The second mother was on/off using the CSA as a weapon against my husband any time he refused to bend over backwards for her. As a result of the CSA’s inability to keep accurate records, my husband was summoned to court and threatened with prison.

At the court, my husband was able to prove he had not done anything wrong and never knew where he stood with the CSA, and that he never had an issue paying the support, but would simply like to know excatly what he owes, as the CSA were never clear on this. They decided that he owed backpay and the judge ordered that he pays £30 a week towards it, on top of £41 current pay which is to be split between the two mothers. Today he received a letter stating that they have now raised this amount. My husband then called the CSA and asked why this amount had been changed. They informed him that they are not obliged to tell him of any re-assessments, but that they HAD done a re-assessment on him based on a GUESS of what his earnings now are! He is a self employed driver, and according to the CSA most ‘businesss’ bring in a higher income after the first year or so and based on this alone is why he now has to pay more! He is not earning anymore than he was 2 years ago and just because he is self employed does not mean his income will rise! He doesnt sell a particular product, only his time as a driver for various haulage companies as and when they need him! They have now informed him that they will do another re-assessment which will take 8 weeks, but still has to pay the new amount until that time. I cannot believe the CSA are allowed to GUESS someones income and charge them as such! This is dispicable! He has never missed a payment since the court and has never given them any trouble and yet this is how they treat him.

I know this is an irrelevant detail but even the way they word their letters is nasty. Maybe they wouldnt be so hated if they would just re-think the way they word their letters, which is basically ‘pay this or go to prison’.


  • eddie says:

    Thought the max on self emlpoyed without accounts was £30 per week.

    I am really interested in the courts involvement and management of CSA issues and am trying to take this forwrd… There is support available and I am trying to establish countrywide groups to address these issues. if you want to be of this contact me at [email protected].

    We need to stand together on this issue.

    Good luck eddie

  • Lauren says:

    Thank you for the replies. They sent my husband a ‘standing order’ form with the new amount on, but he’s not going to hand it in. He’s going to keep paying the amount he has been paying all along because after doing his tax returns etc we have realised that he has earned significantly LESS over the last year than he had for the 2 previous years, so if anything the CSA should be LOWERING the amount. I always thought that the CSA couldnt alter a court order, yet this is what they have done. The court specifically told the CSA to do a full re-assessment and that my husband is to to only pay £30 towards backpay and no more. As I said, my husband has never had an issue with paying child support as he sees it as doing right by his children, but he DOES have a problem with how the CSA handle things. We’ve recently discovered the new CS3 scheme that will be in effect from 2014, and that all ‘paying parents’ will be paying an extra 20% charge PER PAYMENT on top of the actual amount, yet the CSA will only charge the parent with care 7%!! How is this even fair? The parent with care should be charged the same amount as the father for using the CSA services, especially if its the parent with care who opened the claim in the first place! The ‘paying parents’ are being made to suffer AGAIN!!
    I can’t deny the jusge we had was very good. He was understanding and even told the CSA representative that she is never to comoe to court so ‘unprepared’ again, as she had gathered all her evidence purely from the questions she asked my husband outside the court room moments before going in! It was absurd! She even told the judge that he was claiming tax credits, trying to get the judge to order he paid more money! The judge reminded her that tax credits cannot be taken and should never be taken into account when calculating such things! Just goes to show that the CSA dont even follow their own rules, yet god forbid a ‘paying parent’ slips up!

  • hannah says:

    They have taken my childrens ctcin to account to pay his ex as he is self emplyed when we asked y and told them they couldnt they have treated us with court we have to pay it we have been told they have checked to see if i work too i dnt u.derstand it all can they take mt childrens ctc or not they have taken some as they say its his earnings

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