The CSA is not fair to good fathers

December 21, 2014

My partner has his 2 children 3 times overnight one week 2 overnight back after tea, in my view is shared care he takes all local public hoildays a week at summer and over Christmas.

All there clothes they have at my house i have bougth etc. he pays for his kid but his ex wants moreand more now i feel bad for thinking the csa would be far, because the his ex has put in a counter claim and thats it.

They benifit the mothers and it not fair on good dads.


  • Cheryl says:

    I know what you mean. When I met my partner he had shared care and still paid £85 a month as she is the one with the benefit books. He also lived 23 miles from his school so it used to cost a fortune in petrol plus 1 and 1/2 hours to get there in rush hour traffic every morning. I put a stop to it as I was annoyed because who pays towards the half of the shared care we have!!! We now pay £100 more a month but only have the child ever other weekend so at least we have a life too!!!

  • Gonk says:

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