The CSA is full of rude liars

June 9, 2014

Well where do I start… (oh by the way I misunderstand things and im a liar…. all will become clear).

It all started when my ex got funny about me disciplining my daughter. I had enough and wanted no further contact so went through the CSA… it all went through ok and I was told by a gentleman I would receive my payments on the 12th of each month NOT on or around actually on the 12th.

So I had direct debits set up for that day (to pay for things for my daughter) 2 months all went well then on the 3rd month no money = returned dds = bank charges so I called the CSA and I was told oh not it wont be in the same day every month.

I said so why was I told this.. we cannot answer that… not happy but not a lot I can do all went smooth until BAM no May payment reached my account so I waited and waited and nothing so I called the CSA and they said oh your ex partner has cancelled the DD thank you for letting us know??? what you didn’t know you hadn’t had a payment????

So after several calls I was informed some one would call him on the 23rd at 12 midday to take a card payment and it would hit my bank on the 26th so at 11.45 I called to see if someone had called him to be told no its in so and so’s diary to call at 12….

4.00pm I have a text off my ex asking me to call the CSA to ask them to call him to get the payment…. fuming I called the CSA oh it had on the notes to call any time after 12 spoke to someone whom didn’t sound capable…… I was told then someone will call him now to get payment and I will have a call back 5pm.

I get a call stating they have taken payment and it will hit my account on the 26th so I informed my daughters school I will pay her transport fees on the 26th fine…. 26th hit NO MONEY so off I go again calling the CSA…. oh and now im told oh you must of misunderstood the payment left us today and will hit your bank in 3-5 days so now im growing horns and smoke is flowing out of my nostrils.

I tell them what id been told and nope I got it all wrong ????? even though Id got witnesses at work… i was also told on the 2nd my ex is due to call to make a payment to catch up as the dd wont be set up intime and if he hasn’t called on the 2nd they would call on the 3rd… so i waited and to make sure he had called i telephoned them on the 4th .. spoke to 2 RUDE women the first said oh no in the notes its got your ex will be calling W/C 2nd ok back to horns and smoke….

I explained what id been told oh and she started shouting at me.. she put me theough to another department where i spoke to RUDE lady number 2 whom was also shouting then told me to calm down …. erm don’t think so i told her to listen to all the phone calls she said i cant only a supervisor can so i said get a supervisor to then not once was i apologised to not once was i in the right all the times they were correct so as you can see the CSA don’t lie.

MY BOTTOM THEY ALL LIE……. OH and theis obnoxious woman put the phone down on me good customer service… think i need to be paid by the CSA for DOING THEIR JOB!


  • Bill says:

    Best thing to do is close your case with the CSA and come to a private agreement with your ex then you will be sure of regular on time payments.

  • becci says:

    We tried but we dont get on at all

  • Darren B says:

    Well, I suppose this is what happens when you go to the CSA out of punity and not because the father is actually being difficult.

    Lets face it, the people who work at the CSA are not really customer focussed, I am still trying to get a code of conduct out of them.

  • Spicer Dicer says:

    Excellent constructive input Sarah Louise White. Seems you are the one who is particularly bitter and lacking in self respect. OP has every right to use the CSA if their situation demands it. Would seem good advice to stick to the topic regarding the CSA rather than clearly unwarranted personal attacks

    Good luck becci, unfortunately this is the same experience the majority of us have from this bunch of ‘public servans’ who are demoted to the CSA for their inability to work in any other department rather than either firing them or actually holding them accountable. Good luck but don’t rely on anything they say, ever.

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