The CSA is doing nothing about my case

August 28, 2011

I am nicola mc blane and i have a case with the csa and i have been waiting since the 20th of may 2011 to get money.

I have been stressing out over this and i think it is terrible and out of order that single parents have to wait this long to get the money off their ex partners. I hope it can get fixed and i will be able to get some money for my wee girl for her nursery.

I think the dads of the kids should pay for their and not bother and also they should have their driving lisence, passport taken away from them if they dont comply with the csa and i wish they would change the system so that single mothers dont have to suffer in the way i did with the ex partner not paying his way for his child.

I am just wanting someone to get back to me about my case and tell me what happening and when i am going to start to get money from my ex partner


  • tom says:

    Your perfect grammer ‘get money’ !!!! just about sums you and many more mainly single mothers colaborating with the CSA to wreck the lives of NRP and their children by thinking money solves everything

  • Miles says:

    They don’t so much think money solves everything as they are just greedy and lazy. They know the system will let them screw the man so they will…why should they work when they can claim benefits and almost all (if not all or more) of his disposable income.

    Let’s stop talking about PCWs and NRPs. It’s PWF and MWH.

    Parent With Family and Man Without Hope.

  • EvilGenius says:

    NO legal right to remove anyone’s driving licence

    NO legal right to remove passport.

    DEO’s are illegal without the consent of the employee

    Do not consent to anything

    Do not consent to anything

    Do not consent to anything

  • karen bedford says:

    You lot are so warped and need help, lets get back to what it should be about – the children – you both had them so you should both support them!

    Nicola join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for advice and support.

  • terry norris says:

    nicola mc blane…you do not know what you are f***ing talking about….most of the fathers are destitute because of the unfair and unjust system called the CSA
    an aweful lot of the single mothers out there work the csa system because its designed to screw the NRP even when the mother is the one that screwd the man over.My bitch of wife walked out on me after just 9 months married,I was a loving husband and caring father.she never lets me see my daughter and even returned the birthday card I sent.and I AM forced to pay £320 a month to her…she uses me as a cash machine and my daughter as the card to exstract it…she dont give a damm about her seeing her daddy…she has what she wants…money from me to fund her lifestyle with her new cock.
    dont tarr all fathers like criminals like the CSA do….we are not…we are victims they terrorise for money because they cant track down the prick fathers that dont pay.
    I am in no way against the principal of looking after my daughter,its the way im forced to pay it and regarded as a criminal just because im the NRP.And I have no f***ing say neither am I entitled to know where my money intended for my daughter is actually spent….Mmmm small percent spent on her…the rest on the bitch and bloke she left me for after I found out she was screwing him..

  • tom says:

    Karen Bedford…………..You seem like the CSA to have a blinkered and one size fits all attitude!! your statement ‘you had them so you should support them’ doesn’t cover everybodies situation does it!!! Its not as black and white as you would make out, obviously you are quite bitter and twisted.
    Have fun with your facebook revolution which you seem to continually drone on about

  • Paula says:

    I can see both views. I had a private arrangement with my ex after our marriage failed. He had weekly contact with his children and paid what we both agreed was a reasonable amount each month. 7 months on he moved 250 miles away, refused to have contact with his children unless i drove them to him and stopped paying any money for their welfare and future. In May this year i made a claim to the CSA to try and get a basic allowance to help with the costs of school wear, school trips etc. I was informed it would be a 12 week waiting period… it is now 30 August and i have just been informed it will take another 4-6 weeks until payment is arranged (not received). The NRP in my case is living a life of luxury going to Greece and Turkey and buying expensive designer clothes. My children are wearing clothes from a charity shop and shoes bought as gifts by family. Where is the justice in that? And before you ask yes I do work to provide the bare necessities such as food/heating. So before you all jump to conclusions that the PWC are money grabbing bitches, we aren’t.

  • martin dell says:

    fiqure this out how can father take responsabilty for the children when the csa rapist steal more money then you can afford and you take home less then min wage and benfits would you wake up and do 40 hours a week and have nothing to show for it
    how can i put a roof over my head on less then 11k a year and im the wanker working for it
    so no money for roof over head and fuck all else and no where for me to take responseabilty for my daughters which you tell i MUST do

    work that out num nuts

  • John says:

    All of the above points of view proves one thing!

    The CSA are invasive in our lives, causing disruption and mayhem!

    There has to be a way without CSA involvement and enforced private arrangements (or else I’ll get the CSA involved)!

    Interviews at the benefit office, giving a clear and unequivocal indictation on finances on both sides, instead of being screwed by the corrupt lying state and the thieves that work for them!

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