The CSA is demanding money we have already paid to the PWC

March 10, 2013

My partner is in the middle of been taken for money he has already paid to his ex by the csa. they are recovering £4000 from him which he has already paid between 2003 2004 via bank transfers to his ex. She decided to inform them that he did not pay to be spiteful, they took her word with no evidence of this and now he has received a court order on his wages for £165 per month until its paid!!

He has no notice from the csa that they had placed a court order on his wages therefore we have no idea what to do now, as he cannot get bank statements to prove payments as it is over 7 years ago.

Anyone help??


  • Sally says:

    I agree joe but I’d shoot the MPs that support this first!!… Then the CSA staff and then the greedy PWCs…

  • wilf says:

    Wendy:- You should be able to get bank statements going back that far, they are saved on their main frame computers, at a cost. Go to your local branch and enquire.

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