The CSA is about money, not child welfare

November 27, 2014

I’ve been paying CSA for 20 years now at one point having three daughters in two separate claims at the same time.

I’d like to highlight a loophole and just how far the victimisation of paying fathers goes. The CSA are aware that mothers coming near the end of a CSA claim can sign their children up to any college course that counts as education. In my case my ex was advised to do this by the CSA. This extends the claim until the end of the academic year(Sept next year). However, no checks are done on whether the child is actually attending classes.

So, say they attended 3 weeks and then go off to work etc. Well you can’t get any details from the college, As in my case the college did not report that the child was not attending (they receive payment for the pupil)(FRAUD) The Mother did not report it (FRAUD) And the CSA wouldn’t even check it out even though I informed them.

Apparently I would have to report it as fraud to the DHSS as the ex is still claiming child support! (FRAUD) I contacted the DHSS and reported the matter and they said they’d contacted my ex who had informed them that she forgot and had not cancelled her claim. So, what was done about the year of extra CSA, the college funding, the Child support? NOTHING.

When I think about the years my Ex withheld access to my daughters, the times I was in debt over the CSA taking double payments, depression etc now that the CSA claim has finished my ex allows me free access???

So its about money not child welfare! I feel the CSA can be detrimental to a childs welfare where a father is representitive and its staff are lazy one cell organisms who’ve been shooting fish in a barrel for years rather than spotting fraud on both sides of parenthood. Even turning a blind eye to fraud in other branches of social welfare rather than being made accountable.

For their part, in the numerous suicides and driving fathers to the point where they give up on there own children because they can’t afford it, or have reached the end of their tether. How many people does it take to complain that its like talking to a brick wall, when legitimate reports are made of the injustice and snobbery shown against fathers, of misuse of powers pulling money from accounts and leaving people with no means to pay rent or to live without any consideration of circumstance.

But of course I’ve explained my stories to the CSA and had the promise that it will be investigated and refunds made, but the next person I get to talk to knows nothing about it and nothing was recorded of my conversation.


  • Mr M says:

    Exactly, a College gets funded per student, around 5k a year! It actually is down right fraud, and us fathers are the ones who have to foot the bill.

    A better way around this, would be for the Government & the CSA to ask for the qualifications achieved at the end of the College course, if NO qualification as been attempted the monies should be refunded. I have been saying this for years.

    You cannot report it to the Child Benefit people as they state you are not in reciept of the CB account and it conravines Data Protection… other word we are screwed!

    In the end even the British Government are contributing to this, at a time they are trying to cut the welfare bill, it’s obviously a drop in the ocean from their point of view.

    Fantastically put by the way, but i doubt anything will be done about it. The whole process regarding the CSA is an absolute con, scam and a shambles!

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