The CSA is a very cruel system indeed

September 30, 2013

I have separated my my husband who has two of our boys, I have our daughter. He has recently contact the CSA and wants over £200 a month from me. I’m absolutely mortified! In all he take home around £450 from self employment and £180 in TC A WEEK! I don’t earn half that, and what I do earn is eaten up in bills and debt repayments….I’m also currently trying to set up a new home which needs EVERYTHING from carpets to a cooker as he refuses to let me take any belongings from the house we had together. Im so worried that I wont even be able to provide the very basics for my daughter like food etc. The CSA is a very very cruel system indeed.


  • Lisa says:

    The best thing is to ask what your entitled to for your daughter from your ex and come to an arrangement away from the CSA, they don’t take care for children, they create misery widespread and turn parents against each other over money, closing the case and working out between you both what’s best for your kids is car better than what your now going to face with the biggest nastiest shower of shit going, good luck

  • Adrian says:

    Agreed with Lisa. But should it fail don’t give up. Go for his pension the lot. Ya may as well cause after the csa have finished doing the messing around you’ll have nothing. Hope it works out for you

  • Dave says:

    I suspect you wouldn’t be moaning about this if the ball was on the other foot and it was you that was being paid this money!!!

  • John says:

    There are no winners in this pathetic, rigid system.

    Important matters involving children belong in the courts with professional accredited lawyers, where mitigating circumstances could be heard, and variations applied for.

    The CSA staff are incompetent beyond belief!

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    If you don’t sign anything or consent to anything the CSA can’t touch you. In order for them to use ‘the law’ aka The Child Support Act, you have to give your consent to them. An ‘Act’ is statutory legislation not law. Statutory Legislation definition: “a legislative rule of society given the force of a law by consent of the governed”. This means they have to have our consent in order to be lawfully enforceable. Try that one!!

  • Lisa says:

    @mrs beckham we have tried and tested your theory, the CSA won’t have any of it, in fact they ignore it and expect us to just be robbed every month, it’s shocking, apparently since CSA went back under the arm of dwp they ignore their own rules regulations and legislations to apply arrears and hammer nrp with more bullshit than he had to deal with before

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    @Lisa how is it that NRP’s who reply to the CSA get rinsed (being polite here!!) and have arrears made up from say 3 yrs ago (as in my partners case! they stated it was cos of a reassessment, which he wasn’t told about until 3yrs later, even though he paid what they said to the letter!!). Yet NRP’s who ignore the CSA and do nothing, get left alone??
    Don’t they have to prove liability? Prove you (NRP) are who they say you are?
    Also, just what has it got to do with the CSA, just because the ex makes a claim, (PWC) it’s between the NRP, the PWC and their kids, not a business called the CSA.
    Surely if the NRP refuses to comply and consent, that is their right?? And to harass the NRP, as the CSA do is against the NRP’s human rights!
    They are just criminal the way they behave…the CSA I mean.

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