The CSA is a disgrace – I keep getting different answers

July 31, 2013

Paying for one child i dont get to see through choice of the mum. She agreed to reduce payment as work had went quiet and couldnt pay 220 a month both agreed on 80 per month till work picked up.

Told by the agency this was fine then to be told i am on maintenance direct anyway then next person i talk to says no you are only on it as off may. Next thing i get a wage arrestment for 570 saying its the maintenance payment plus arrears. the arrears are being delt with through a trust deed so i dont have to pay. it should only be the maintenance, then to be told this morning to pay 300 a week 220 maintenance and the rest to the Arrears from dec 480. i said i had no arrears to which i was told i hadnt been maintenance direct at all, and that ihad only paid 80 per month that was the shortfall .

This company is a disgrace you phone and speak to different people and get two completely diff answers


  • KMcQ80 says:

    …and this is why you should never, ever deal with The CSA by phone only in writing.
    They don’t know what they are talking about, they contradict each other, the CSA rules are too complicated for CSA staff to understand.

    Only deal in writing.
    Once you receive contradicting advice IN WRITING, then you have a case for your MP and a formal complaint.

  • csaworkerx says:

    You cannot build arrears while MD, thats a fact, so either ure ex never phoned/confirmed that you had now gone to MD or you had previous arrears from before you went MD, Now, what you need to do is speak to ure ex and ask her to phone in and suspend/cancel the arrears, you wont be able to do this while on MD, only suspend them, meaning if she comes back and wants agency collection she will be entiteled to them.

    if she wont do this ure only other option is to set up a DD but inform them you want to pay the arrears off in 2 years. This is the longest we can let arrears run for and if you totally insist on it and dont budge we dont really have a choice in the matter, this will reduce ure payments to ure regular maintenance and a small arrears figure, HOWEVER, convince ure ex to continue MD and suspend the arrears, only way ure going to be able to avoid them completely.

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