The CSA have treated me with so much disrespect

August 22, 2013

Hello all, I’ve been on csa now for about one and a half years and have had nothing but grief from these people.

I am a father of three boys of which I have not seen now for one year and is very sad that some mothers will take away the rights from their own children to see their fathers for the sake of an extra few pennies and actually get away with doing so too.

First of all CSA, when you first call NRP’S you cant expect us to give full details over the phone just like that(you could be anybody)requesting sensitive information. Secondly how do NRP’S know when a mother has called and then we suddenly find that we are four weeks in behind in supposed payments and expected to pay this as fast a possible, but do not get told that the mother has called as fast as possible so we don’t find ourselves with massive debt for children that we actually care for and want to raise properly.

There are questions I want to ask like If I am expected to pay huge money out of my salary every month, why cant I see my children? If the mother requests to the CSA that she does not want me to see my children at all, Why do I have to pay?

I am all for paying for my children however sometimes principles kick in and unfortunately the way CSA is run and with it’s sexist behaviour it is pushing away quality fathers from their children simply because a mother can just DEMAND what she likes as and when!!.

What strikes me as odd is that mothers always blame the father for not being there and when the government quote figures about how there are lots of single parent families and that the children from these single parent families are on street corners and causing trouble and being in trouble with the police, well what the hell do the government expect when they can’t provide a fair system for the likes of the CSA so that we the fathers who want to be there, can do a job and try to prevent this from happening and give our children a mother and a father which is how they got here in the first place.

The CSA have treated me with so much disrespect for simply wanting to be a father. I think the CSA breach human rights on a serious level continuously, and leave men just to rot away undetected just for having children.

The CSA I thought was meant for fathers who don’t want anything to do with their children, not for angry mothers who want to keep a hold of their ex partners lives so we can’t make a decent living for ourselves(she messed up).I just recently lost my job and called the CSA to alert them, and the most funniest thing was that they actually asked me how I was going to support myself? I replied JSA, The CSA worker sounded absolutely stumped, in my mind and I should have said “how come you didn’t ask me that when I couldn’t afford food, rent, electric, gas and getting to work”. How comes a mother can call up and say that the father will not be seeing the children in the future simply because she wanted the extra money and the CSA actually support this and tell me in the same breath that they have my children’s heart at first interest? is it me or am I being silly when I say “I don’t get it”.

Some of these mothers don’t realise that when they call CSA on the good fathers of how much damage they actually cause to their own children and the relationship between the father and his children. After not seeing the boys for about a year now I massively resent having the boys and I will not trust the mother as she used to pick them up late , not turn up so I would miss work and not get paid etc..etc.. and play silly games I did also find out that she the mother had called CSA after our second son 7 years ago(while we were together)(she got to the letter before I did) to find out how much she would get. The children have lost out on a decent father due to greed of money.

its a shame really but you have to let it go and get on with it of which I find extremely difficult but its my only option or fall apart and crumble and fade away into very much failed and corrupt system.


  • John says:

    Similar circumstances. My advice is to challenge everything the CSA say and try to do. Complain, complain and complain again.

    Don’t speak to them on the phone, get everything in writing as evidence.

    Get your M.P. involved and ask your M.P. to raise the ‘taboo’ subject of maintenance and contact in Parliament. Ask your M.P to forward your case to the Parliamentary Ombudsmans office. As you say they are all corrupt, so don’t hold your hopes too high!

    Hang on in there. There will be a break through some time soon, when the CSA and the whole system will be condemned as ‘not fit for purpose. The all CSA victims can sue them for breaching our human rights, in that we have a right to a private family life.

    The Hillsborough families, fought long and hard for justice. We have to do the same

    Don’t give up hope! Not many nrp’s have said that they don’t want to support their children, but it’s CSA and Political interference that is causing us all, alarm and distress!

  • gareth says:

    I am having problems myself have contacted csa several times the last 3 weeks my daughter stays with me 2-3 nights a week stays in my mums 2 nights also but they won’t reduce payments I earn 145 a week and pay 36 to csa and also have 4 other kids that live with me getting really pissed of as her mum is work all the overtime under the sun but I can’t do any

  • Gonk says:

    This is the womant that only ever pops up on here slating and slagging off the Nrp and coming out with sarcastic remarks because they have an opinion on a pwc posting. She never post her thoughts when a Nrp post.

  • Bella says:

    This is such an excellent description of everything that is wrong with the CSA. Please send a copy to your local MP and ask them to support you in fighting this corrupt and often criminal organisation.

  • brett says:

    Hope you read Gonks comment, Karen Bedford the NRP man hater. Yes this case sums up everything that is wrong with the file, odious, lying, deceitful CSA.
    I’ve been in the corrupt CSA system, with two cases since it was first set up. They have made my life hell for 20 years.
    The CSA scum are on targets/bonuses and will do all they can to drain you of your hard earn’t money. They’re well known for making up ficticious arrears, not even telling the NRP and allowing the figure to reach the magic £3,000. They then go to the courts and are given the authority to send baliffs/issue a liability order on you.
    This is the monster your dealing with.
    You sound like one of the good guys out there and sadly the CSA will target you.
    Follow the advice above and I hope the mess you’ve been put in is sorted out.
    Good luck !

  • brett says:

    Karen Bedford….. Your views on the way this guy has been treated by your allies the CSA ?

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