The CSA have said I owe £3,000 – how has this gone so far?

November 1, 2013

I have just been informed by the csa that over the past two years, I have been overpaid to the value of £2,700. Due to my ex husbands unco-operative behaviour with failing to provide income details, the csa set him a default maintenance figure.

He has now 2 years later,supplied his books, accouns etc, hich the csa tell me the hmrc have verified and on revising what he should have paid, I now need to pay him nearly £3000 back.

How can this have gone so far, and what would be my next step. Will be going to my local CAB but im so worried, its keeping me awake. As the csa had to investigate him, send nforcement officers to him, take him to court for non payment, how can they now tell me, that he shouldnt have been paying me 2 years ago?? Help!


  • Bella says:

    I don’t believe your story because if this was did to him not supplying his income details the CSA wouldn’t backdate it for him, they’d recalculate his payments from when he supplied details. If they are backdating then it’s because they’ve had his info for ages and not done anything with it.

  • Louise Stewart says:

    Wow, unsurprisingly a load of nasty, one sided comments from angry bitter men with previous dealings of the CSA….. Predictable! I only initially contacted them as my ex refused to pay for his children at all. And now he allegedly cannot afford the default payment, although has recently returned from holidays to Barbados and Africa! I did not ask for you to get personal, and you have no idea what he has put me through the last few years. I merely was questioning why the CSA would backdate it , from two years ago. When will you men realise that the maintenance is for the children, not the ex wife, and ultimately its the children that suffer the consequences. Peter Frost do you know my ex? I should introduce him to you,think you’d get on well. Both selfish, bitter, sad , controlling old men.

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