The CSA have made a completely unfair assessment

September 1, 2013

The CSA say that I owe them £8,500. This assessment was based on me earning £600 per month through self employment. I wrote to them recently asking for a re-assessment and provided proof that my earnings, in the last 15 months were £10K. I have now had a letter to say that they are taking me to court on 12/9.

Having spoken to them today/yesterday, they say this assessment still stands as I did not notify them that I was no longer self employed and that my income had gone down. They say they can only go back to June of this year when I notified them I was on Jobseekers Allowance and when I do find a job, I still owe them £8,500.

Can anybody help please ? Surely I can only pay based on what I have earned ?


  • derek miller says:

    contact your MP now!! and welcome to world of the CSA, where they don’t care!!

  • John says:

    Don’t believe a word that this lot say. Challenge everything that they claim, and as above says, go to your M.P.

    The CSA have form for inventing arrears, it makes them look good for stats, and the staff earn bonuses from what they collect.

    Make a complaint to the I.C.E, and to the CSA complaints review team. Ask for a full breakdown of the ‘alleged’ arrears from the CSA.

    Get everything in writing as evidence. Do not have phone contact with them. Complain, complain and keep complaining.

  • Viv Sayers says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments. I will complain as high up as I can but I have been told by a man at the CSA that even if I do turn up at Court to contest this, the Judge will not even hear me and it is purely a formality to recover debt from me. Anyone know a good Solicitor ?

    Thanks all

  • Daz says:

    I’ve been paying £350 consistently for almost 4 years And never once missed a payment. I even had to take a second job to survive and I’ve previously worked with step change to arrange my financial hardship.
    My oldest daughter is almost 19 and no longer in college and I helped her set up universal credit (her entitlement) since then her mother decided to go down the CMS route !!! They claim there now gonna take from my 2 jobs. I informed them that my second job is on a casual basis and not guaranteed hours but yet they have still continued to complete an assessment on something that is not set in stone and they want me to pay still. One week I might not get any hours at all !! but there still gonna make me pay. I don’t mind paying from my full time 40 hour contract job but why they penalise me from my Second job that’s not guaranteed and the money I do earn is for my debt that Step change arranged.
    Can CMS do this ?? It just doesn’t appear fair. Please help someone

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