The CSA have left me with nothing to live on

April 19, 2014

Well wot can i say? I started back to work in 2002 and got my monthly payments wot i had to pay my ex which was taken out of my wage monthly.

But in 2012 which is ten years later i had a letter saying i was £4,000 in arrears.

I rang csa to see wot was going on and they said it was due to me not paying enough over the ten years which i replied that they the csa calculated wot i had to pay and took it from my wages so why am i in the wrong.

Then i was sent a letter saying my payment was going up and so did my employer which i never got and having spoke to my recents employers they didn’t either so now i am working on minimum wages they are now taking nearly 50% off my wages every month and leaving me with nothing to live on.


  • Bill says:

    At most they can only take 40% of your net income.
    You can negotiate the amount you pay towards the arrears by showing your outgoings and income.

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