The CSA has totally failed with my child support

July 6, 2013

The CSA has totally failed in my child support, the only time I get any information on my v=case is when I phone for an update. My ex-partner was given a suspended sentence several year ago, but still does not pay. The csa has made little efforts to enforce this. The debt he owes has risen vastly and still I have not received anything from him.


  • Macon says:


    For the courts to give a suspended sentence for not paying Csa money is over the top and against your human rights you seam to me to think because your ex has had a suspended prison sentence you are in for a bumper pay out but it’s not your cash it’s your kids money !

  • dai says:

    if your ex was given a suspended sentence for not paying then the CSA probably broke the law and breached his rights under the Human Rights Act.

    Any NRP subject to such an order [from Magistrates Court] needs to go back to court and get the order removed . Simply take a copy of the Karoonian v CSA case with you. The Courts often do not know the law and do not rely on the court clerk or usher advising the court as they often do not have a clue and simply refer to a text book or manual or go along with what the CSA tells them.

    Maybe your ex deserved such an order but usually they are obtained by the CSA by bullying NRP’s. If the CSA pursued such an order at the time in your case then you were probably on benefits.

    why don’t you just ask him for the money?

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