The CSA has made my life unbearable

June 28, 2015

The CSA now take nearly 40% of my income. The impact of this on my life is intolerable. I have to work 60 hours a week and I have less than you would get on the dole to live on. I feel like my life is now a waste of time. Physiologically I have been destroyed by this organization. Before the CSA put a DOE on my wage I had regular meaningful contact with my children. I was a very active father. Now I can’t even afford the train fare to get to them. I have been placed on medication for depression and have seriously considered suicide.


  • MrWhitey says:

    It’s astounding that in a so called Western Democracy that this is allowed to go on, I’m in the same boat and cannot afford basic health care (medicine, dentistry, optical care) after these vampires have raped my wages…I may as well be living in a third world country…

    Stay strong my friend, you’re not alone…

  • spinner says:

    Quit your job and sign on there, if you are suffering from depression there are various benefit’s you can claim.
    Once you’ve had some breathing space try to go self employed or run own business as this is next to impossible for them to deal with.

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