The CSA do not provide support

September 27, 2014

I am wrighting to you with the utmost hope that you can help myself and two children in what has become an extremely desperate situation.

I applied to the Child Suport Agency for help and assistance in early April this year.

Myself and two boys, have come out of a very abusive, physical and mentally torturess relationship.

There is a non molistation order against him, which is in place to protect myself and boys. However he has breached this order and is to appear at Crown Court.

Though in the mean time we have suffered verbal abuse from his family. The police are acting on this.

From March the 31st this year to today 31st August. I have only received £1792 of child maintenance. With only £672 of which was for maintenance and the rest was towards the rent for the property where boys and I live.

Over the last 5 months I have provided more than enough evidence of which he has promised to pay rent for the property, along with extra monies for the children’s keep and also a car.

He has since declared that we are not having the car and all money has stopped since July the 1st this year.

I also have evidence of communications between my ex and myself proving everything I am stating is factual.

I am struggling to now pay rent and bills. I can not afford food and I have been given two food vouchers for the food banks.

I have continued to contact the CSA requesting from the very start that I would like them to place a deduction of earnings to his wage, which would guarantee payments and also remove the control that he has over me regarding the money.

This has still not happened. Only last week did the CSA send a warning letter which has taken them 4 months to action. The CSA confirmed that he had to respond to this letter no later than a set date. Due to the CSA stating this and informing me of this information, I then contacted the department on the said Friday.

I was very shocked to be told that when they tried to contact him they heard a different dial tone and believe that my ex was in fact not in the country. Once the CSA contacted him they said that they would deal with the warning letter once he is back in the UK.

I am extremely upset by this,as this is the fourth holiday this year that he has had. An the fact, it is yet,just another stalling technique he is using. Also he is been allocated extra time to deal with this matter. That he has told the courts and myself that he is leaving the country to work away and that I will not get money off him.

As I hope you can imagine this is very disturbing and unfair for my children. My ex has more than enough monies available as he is in an excellent job with a very good salary. The hole process has been dragged on for over 5 months and still no child maintenance.

The CSA have had all evidence and more is available to them if they require it. The CSA also stated that it can take up to 8 weeks to arrange a deduction of earnings. So at the moment I could well be looking at around November before I receive any money, if at all. I would imagine that my ex would have left the country before anything is sorted out.

The CSA know all of this yet still nothing, They are not child orientated they are not providing support. Due to all if this I can now barely pay my rent for our home and there is now a very strong possibility that we will lose our home.

Though, through all of this my ex is able to continue to live the high life and continue with his abuse with no consequence.

Please we desperately require your help, I do not know who to turn to our what else I could possibly do. I am registered disabled and have depression all of which is deteriorating because of all of the stress worry and constant fear that not only can he keep monies from us but also because he could physically attack me or my sons, which he has done in the past.

I request, beg and desperately ask for your assistance with this matter.

We need this money urgently before we lose our home. It is a very sad situation to be in and my boys have suffered enough yet they are still having to suffer and go without yet again because of their father and because of the lack of commitment from the CSA.