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The CSA do not care about my other children

My son is 18 this year and in college and we’ve been paying CSA since 2007.

Every time there has been a change in my circumstances I’ve informed the CSA. Since 2012 I’ve been waiting for my case to be looked at.

I’ve continued to pay what I was told while working then reducing payments to £5 when not working. I’ve not claimed benefits when I’ve been out of work as my wife has supported me. They now come back saying that I’m £3000 in arrears and it has to be paid ASAP when I’m not working but even if I was in work I’d struggle to pay this as I have 2 other children and need to keep a roof over their heads but the CSA aren’t concerned about my other children’s welfare.

I’ve always paid for my son but they make me feel like a low life. They are saying that I’ve not paid enough during times of employment although I’ve informed them at every stage. Sending then payslips etc but they are now saying that there’s no information on there system an that I’ve not sent anything off.

It took them 4 years to reduce payment when my daughter was born so I over paid £3 a week for almost 4 years but they say it’s are fault for not informing them, even though the claim started when’s wife was pregnant and the week she was born we rang and informed and was told a note was being made and we would be informed and changes to our payments which we never were.

I’m really at a loss as to how I can move forward with all of this. They say it’s all our fault but how can that be when we’ve informed them every step of the way. Some advice would be gratefully received.

2 thoughts on “The CSA do not care about my other children

  1. Get your data readout, costs £10, and go through it with a fine tooth comb, then appeal.
    Unfortunately since the CSA has more powers than GOD, they will take your money from you until such time that your appeal is successful.
    They don’t care about you or your kids. If they has their way, they would have a debtors prison built like in Victorian times,band would have every ‘non compliant’ NRP incarcerated within it.

    Good luck, you’ll need it.

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