The CSA destroys families

October 4, 2014

My ex will not contribute at all financially ,so l have been discriminated against,targeted and persecuted .

They are garnishing my wages against my will and now taking more – thus effectively we cannot survive or have a future on what is left. L no longer want to even try – totally flabbergasted that l am treated like a criminal and now the child and myself are supporting a low life father that will never have to contribute in any way ever.

I am an older mum and cannot rebuild .So CSa has destroyed my family and they encourage and support my ex not to pay anything and ignore his cash in hand lifestyle. So the child is now made support her father .

She receives non of what they steal against my will and better judgement. Ljust want them out of my life. Csa is the most toxic family destroying legislation that ever existed.


  • Bill says:

    If the child lives with you why are they deducting child maintenance from your your wages?

  • Bill says:

    Why are they deducting money from your wages if the child is in your household.

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