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The CSA can’t get anything right

Not sure where to start, its been 12+ years of nothing.

I currently have 11 thousand pounds in arrears, I did receive a couple of 5 pounds here and there when my ex husband was claiming benefits.

My application was put in in 2001 but it took until 2003 to be accepted, why it takes 2 years to enter your information in the system, god only knows!

It’s the most frustrating thing I have ever had to deal with. The CSA do not do anything unless you keep calling them, then you can call again and that person still did not do anything. The case is NOT allocated to a dedicated person, no one has any responsibility of it, it just gets passed around to person to person.

I have even called them on many occasions and given them my ex husbands company name and place of work over the years and still nothing. Once you hang up that phone that person does nothing with it, other than type up the notes. Seriously!!!

They should have people in our situation working those phone lines, maybe we can get the work done. It seems these employees are just there to answer the phone and have no idea what we are all going through, fighting for what our child is entitled to.

Why does the father think that they have no financial responsibilities, if they do not want to support a child, DONT HAVE ONE!!! But then on the other hand, whats it matter, its only the CSA that are in charge of collecting money and they can’t even do that.

I would hate to count up the endless calls I have with them.

We should go back to the courts system before someone thought that creating the CSA was a good idea! What a JOKE!

4 thoughts on “The CSA can’t get anything right

  1. No problem as long as it was equal payments and no greed involved but single women see it as meal ticket and an excuse not to get of there arse and go to work as well. Free ride culture not saying this is you but not once have you stated how your supporting your child is it governments handouts if no and your working as well then I am on your side and both should contribute.

    Sorry if the above offends you but the above is what Pis%$£ NRP’s off more than anything else. Weekly rates should be fixed no matter what the wage. But no you cannot even work overtime as it is also taken from you by CSA. It should be CSS ” Complete Shit System”

  2. For your information I have worked, full time, for all the years I have been a single parent and before that and provided for my child. The father should still contribute to the up bringing of his child. Maybe if he had, my son would have not had to go without!

  3. I agree fully if your both working then you should both contribute and everything is 50/50 and full child access. But at the same not to rob the poor mans wages as he as to live to and probably works hard for it. I reckon £30 a week of the NRP is the ideal figure a week just for one child and should be capped there and the other £30 from the other parent that gives £60 more than enough. Women who claim benefits and look for free rides are the parasites of this country FACT!

  4. I’m not sure 30 a week is 50/50, if the parent is putting a roof over the childs head, mortgage, heating, feeding!! I agree that both should contribute and there are people out there to take advantage, but i am not one of them, and in 14 years, his dad has not paid nothing towards his up bringing, birthdays & Christmases, so not sure you can say that is ok!

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