The CSA based the amount I pay on overtime, which now doesn’t exist

April 24, 2013

i was paying my partner £200 a mth for my ten year old son then she decided she was going to the csa, my payments went up 427 a mth because i was working overtime at work. The csa were not interested in the fact i was working extra hrs to earn extra money, i told them that the overtime was not garanteed again they were not interested so now i was forced to work over time to make my csa payments.

The overtime dropped at work we went onto a four day week and they said i had to keep paying the 400 a mth, which i could not afford. i applied for a change of circustance sent them my wages slips they agreed i could not afford to pay the 400 but said i must keep paying it till they have sorted it out. I could not afford to pay it i told them i would be stopping my payments i had nothing to live on and for the last few mths have had to have the support of my parents to live and thats a dam hard thing to do when your 48 and working, I am still waiting for them to sort it out its been nearly two mths now the csa has totaly distroyed my life. i have no money and have been living of my overdraft and my parents and furthermore my ex thinks its funny to stop my access to my son i have not seen him for six weeks now she did the same at xmas to i gave him his xmas presents on jan 10 i cant take any more i did nothing to her she was the one who distroyed are relationship by going with other men and whats worse, i raised her daughter for her for 15 years with no help from the child real father; and again i explained all this to the csa not interest again


4 Responses to “The CSA based the amount I pay on overtime, which now doesn’t exist”

  1. Jeanette Stone on April 24th, 2013 12:34 pm

    please keep strong

  2. wilf on April 24th, 2013 3:45 pm

    Ian:- If you are paying via DOE they can not take more than 40% of your net income.
    They commonly take up to 3 months to complete a change of circumstance.
    Ask for any overpayments to be returned to you once the reassessment has been completed.
    They normally only take 40% if there are arrears.
    Overtime is normally included in income for assessment purposes.

  3. brett on April 24th, 2013 10:18 pm

    Well done you CSA scum for destroying another decent hard working NRP.
    Ian,what a nasty bitch your ex sounds.
    Wilf, when I started working again, it took the CSA all of two days to reasess me and increase my monthly payments. To pay back overpayments, takes them months. Funny that.

  4. BLEEDING HEART on April 30th, 2013 11:14 pm

    Have to agree with Brett.
    When the ex contacts the csa to report I have had a change in circumstances (which she does on a regular basis for the hell of it) It takes them two days to contact me demanding wage slips etc, yet when I had overpaid for two years they dragged their heals for months before agreeing to reduce my payments for half the overpayment and then after a bit of creative accounting.. hey presto!! the balance of overpayments has now turned into an arrears situation. Three separate statements produced within a month showing different amounts. Only in GREAT Britain… A corrupt, self regulating department full of buffoons are toying with peoples lives. Not three brain cells to share between them and certainly not qualified to prepare complex financial statements.

    I wish I could say it gets easier but the truth of the matter is I wouldn’t leave the incompetent oxygen thieves who call themselves the CSA in charge of my pet goldfish…Update the site with any progress Ian and good luck.

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