The CSA are totally impractical approach

November 24, 2013

Had a very interesting conversation with the morons in the CSA yesterday concerning a demand they had sent me for £40 per week child support. I had notified them in July that I had not worked since a contract role finished in February 2013 and had taken time off to do work on my house and mothers property and was living off my savings to support myself. The comment back was that I should still be paying support as the calculation was based on my prior years tax return!! They obviously ignored the statutory instrument concerning revisions to the amount payable being based on the best estimate of income – no work means no income which means no csa payments!! Basically they expect me to pay out of money they have already assessed me on and bet no refund would be forthcoming!!

They also state you have 28 days to appeal against an assessment but as a self employed person I have no idea of my income until the end of the financial year so they are totally impractical on their approach. I have been denied the statutory deduction for my daughter spending 52 plus nights with me as I did not appeal against the assessment they said they sent me in August 2012 within 28 days – how would I know how many nights my child would be with me as mother kept mucking around with the contact arrangements.

It took them 4 months to tell me that it would not be fair and equitable to reduce the old amounts – not fair on mother never mind being fair to father!

They take excessive time and we as victims of their attitude have 28 days if we receive the letter they say they sent – i note it is deemed sent whether it is received or not so they are right and fathers have no right to contradict this all.


  • Dave says:

    Regardless if you are working or not and just living off savings, the default CSA payment is £30 per week.
    I suggest you man up and take your share of financial responsibility for your child like any loving parent would!

  • Geoff Salter says:

    To Dave,

    I spend motre than the £30 a week on my child paying her subscriptions to gym club, mobile contract and providing food clothing for her when I have contact so you should get real and see what abuses go on. At least I make provision for her future which is more than her mother and boyfriend do

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