The CSA are talking to me like I’m something on the bottom of a shoe

June 15, 2013

The CSA are talking to like something on the bottom of my shoe. refusing to transfer my call to someone else and not letting me speak to someone higher. Not helping me in anyway and always fobbing me off, I’m sending in proof by fax and hard copy’s in tho post but they are conveniently not recieving them. Telling me I have deadlines to get proof to them and then sayin they have received nothing when I send.

This is totally unfair and I can do nothing about it, proof was to try and remove or reduce the deo that’s on wages so 40% don’t go straight away. They are not bothered in anyway shape for form about my living conditions or the fact that I have been paying Msintanance to my ex by standing order. So stressful and I feel like I’m fighting a losing battle all the time, running around doing everything I can to prove my side is accurate. Basically ill have another £500 deducted from my wages to pay maintance and arreas, but there is no arreas as I have paid for my child from day one. Any help will be much appreciated.


  • brett says:

    I really know what your going through. I been in the CSA system, since it was first set up and yes if your a decent compliant NRP, they will walk all over you making up ficticious arrears, threatening you with baliffs and or a liability order.
    The CSA are totally out of control and sadly being a government organisation are able to get away with it.
    Firstly never deal with these creatures on the phone. Send all correspondence by recorded delivery as well as an email and email a copy to your MP.
    Send a recorded letter/email to the complaints section, with copies of your bank statements that you have been paying by standing order. Obviously use a marker pen to blank out everything else on the statement.
    Make an appointment to see your MP at one of the surgeries. Some MP’s will fight your corner, others are a waste of time.
    The CSA are only interested in reaching their targets/bonuses and you sound like one of the “sitting ducks”, they will target.
    If no joy with the above, their is a further process you can go through.

    We have a FB page you may wish to join for further help/advice. Lisa and Eddie can you assist this guy.

    Keep your head up mate.

  • stuart says:

    It is apparent that rather than improving this vile piece of crap are actually continuing to make mistake after mistake, How is this allowed to continue?

  • Mathew Faulkner says:

    Surprise surprise. .I too have being paying by standing order for several years to the CSA from day 1 fully complying 3 weeks ago I missed 2 phone calls from my said case worker and returned the call to be told I was under paying so I requested and account break down which I have not received…I have now had £500 deducted from my earnings without any knowledge if this happening even though I have never missed a payment…Yet again an easy target to prey on to cause more stress in trying to live my life as a law abiding citizen…my heart goes out to any one else in same situation….Mat

  • brett says:

    Yes Mathew. Similar happened to me. Always paid and was fully compliant, yet got stitched up with over £11,000 of arrears, owed to the Secretary of State. Then had a DEO and 40% net pay deducted each month.

  • Mary says:

    My husband is having same problem with his X…. She said she had not been paid for 3 years, which she had. We sent a print out from bank with proof of payments with her name on and saying maintenance payments!! You would think that would be proof but oh no, unless she signs a form to say that she received it for maintenance they do not take that as proof. They say that could have been for anything and we just put maintenance on it. She won’t sign form and they are arresting his wages of £500 each month leaving us with very little to live on, so she is now being paid it all over again. She lies, they believe and we suffer……

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