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The CSA are taking way too much from me

I want to know why I’m paying over 300 a month for 1 child when it is putting myself in serious debt.

The csa are taking more than a third of my wage and I’m falling behind all my bills.also my solicitor has informed me that I should be paying between 150. and 180 a month,also their calculator says I should be paying 152 an month.

This can no longer go on taking so much money from me as it is far to much and there is clearly a problem here.

I want this matter sorted ASAP as I have had so much hassle with this whole issue!

10 thoughts on “The CSA are taking way too much from me

  1. The famous Amanda Johnson speaks out as usual with stupid,pointless crap AND as usual it rears its head ONLY when a Nrp speaks out against this unfair agency..I’m sure this woman is CSA???
    Jaime…since her remarks are as useless to you as a chocolate teapot, I will explain.
    It’s simple maths. They take 15% of your net pay…thats it….they don’t consider any outgoings, essential living/travel cost, bills,rent,mortgage etc etc…to them …..we have no outgoings…lol….do the maths and if you paying a lot more than the 15% of your monthly take home pay? Then you may have arrears ? If not , they are screwing you. Tell them you want your data print outs and sharpish..You need to pay £10 for this. Keep hounding them with letters ( recorded) and emails. Don’t bother ring them, they just deny everything and move the goal post. Keep a paper trail of everything, keep hounding them. Involve your mp as well. If you think you are paying too much and and have no arreas then don’t let them get away with it.

  2. Your data prints are now free! Don’t send any money for them, as for your payments get a complaint into the agency, join child support agency ripoffs on Facebook we can show you how to complain and make a stand against this abhorrent child abuse agency

  3. Hi lisa
    I never realised they were now free, thanks for bringing that up and belated birthday greetings.
    Do you know this Amanda Johnson or heard of her ? from her comments, she sounds like CSA

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