The CSA are selling my house – I don’t want to be in this country any longer

May 19, 2013

I am 64 a registered disabled and attended court in my wheelchair. The CSA won a final order on my property and tell me they are looking at selling my home.

The case was closed by them in 2004 but their seems to be 2 liaiblity orders that I knew nothing of until January 2013 and here we are in March 2013 and I,m about to loss my home.
If the CSA and the legal boys can do this to a man that cannot work/walk and is nearly on pension.

I,m not to sure if I want to live in this country anymore. By the way my kids or 25 and married and 29 and single. Lets hope my 29 year old son learns a very good lesson from all of this and stays away from any women. Maybe get a bigger train layout to play with.

I agree with the CSA as to non paying fathers, but if you have a history of paying and a house it is never ending. 21 years of trying to be a father whose partner took the kids without warning to start another relatoinship in another town, not a problem now, but it would have been nice to have been told at the time. At 64 with 21 years in and still paying figures that the CSA have made up, after 9 years of no contact. Got to be some sort of record.

To all the women out their: it takes 2 to tango: and it,s no wonder that young girls can’t find any young men that want to get that involved up until the baby game starts.
One thing I have notice is: how come 13 year old girls look like 18 year old bimbos and 13 year old boys look like 13 year old boys.

I find myself looking at endless cases on the internet of sad stories, not many have anything to do with the damage any of this does to the kids involved. Maybe we all need to grow up abit to find their is abit more to life than babies and money.

Best of luck to all you real dads, but you won’t win the CSA until you die. That’s your only option.


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  1. The 64 year old disabled on May 22nd, 2013 5:28 pm

    Thanks Sally for the info, I,m am at the moment going down the MP’s route which may or may not open a few higher doors that I can reach at present.
    I have to wait to see if any outcome swings my way from that.
    As you can tell nodoubt’ I’m a fighter, but the first thing I most do is to keep a roof over my head. As you can see I am no longer dealing with the CSA I am dealing with the power of the Law that the CSA has.
    I need to find out just where I stand at the minute with all my new problems.
    Once I have got the CSA to agree to anything in writing through my MP and once having seen it with my own eye’s.
    As far as I,m concerned that will be game on to not only follow some very deep paths to bring the shame that the CSA needs to be put at their door.
    But as you most understand I have to deal with the Law first.
    The plan is to prick their ears up for a start with my MP, in regards to they really have’nt won anything, and this is just a start of something that they may wish they had never started.
    As people will have to be named etc etc.
    Headlines like: 64 year old disable man with a major walking problem being hounded and being forced to hand over nearly half of his DLA to save his home after 9 year of no contact : Will in the public eye do them no good what so ever.
    If anyone or body picks up on that fine, if not their are many other avenues I know from the past I can reopen, and I fully intend to.
    You have to forget the so called humans at the CSA as they are only doing a job.
    It is very few at the CSA that enjoy the power trip they are able to follow.
    Such people will always think they are the bully boys no matter where they work.
    I’m afraid being a trained BKA fighter for 81/2 years bully boys do nothing to me but get me upset to think they mean anything to anybody but themselves. With in the back of my mind this is all about the support of children ( which I totally agree with). In saying that we have 2 fronts, one being what the CSA thinks it can do and another is the women that drive it along through their inability as in regards to who got with child in the first place, then find out she has no ability to pay for her actions as to lay in bed and get in that state.
    Why men have to pay as much as they do for her actions is beyond me.
    I have paid in the past and will continue to do so even if I have to loss my house and the kids home simply because that is the Law and apart from that I would need to as a person.
    What I don’t understand is all the bully boy tactics, and the large amount of money that lawers. judges and all the rest of em get for what seems to be a very simple question.
    Not to be crude or rude or any other reason. If the bottom line which it is, that the women are driving all this along which they do, agood question coming up:
    Did her brain have anything to do with the fact she open her legs, and did her brain think what may happen and it may not be forever.
    That is not meant to did rude in any way to any if not all women.
    The Law is one thing I or anyone else has to deal with.
    But lets not forget all this starts from a very simple act of plessure and friendship and a little thing called “love” not to forget respect.
    I know of many women who enjoy the CSA and the CSA stick they can bet over the head of their X partner.
    No matter how did what they enjoy the power.
    I fail to see how any of that has anything to do with child support.
    I myself have had to go to Court Child Welfare but the very next day on a visit my daughter burst into tears and really fell apart ( I thought she had been bitten) in floods of tesrs she was saying sorry to me.
    On giving her a major cuddle to calm her down I asked her why she was saying sorry to me, she replied, her very words, mum had told me what to say and I knew I was lying as it was not what I wanted to say, I asked what wanted to say, her reply was, I want to see you whenever I want to, to give you a kiss.
    Words from a 6 year old girl as she spoke them, and they can be proved by the adult female person I was with at the time who by then was also crying.( re reading this for spellings my eye’s are starting to go remembering it and that was 19 years ago)
    I phoned the court welfare to tell then of this fact and suggested they relook at my daughters request, they answered, the report is done, and the case is closed and they had no way of reopening it unless the court ordered it.
    Your correct, the court thought I was wasting their time, and I didn’t see my daughter for over another year after many court visits.
    Sad thing is the way the figures stack, all men or liars, now ain’t that a fact guys??
    There is more wrong here than the CSA or as many say bring the CSA to it’s knees which of course you won’t, simply because they are government.
    What really worries me is that their are aload of unable women driving it and using it.
    I in my time have done what a father would choose to do, I can’t remember signing anything to do with any Law when I was between the sheets, can’t even remember having a pen at the time.
    So where does to Law come into any of this.
    Example: you have had the candle lite dinner, few bottles of wine and both of you are in the mood, then like a bolt of lighting a voice comes in your head saying:
    What do you think? at that very point most men would do? even if the legs were open.
    That very simple act is why this is going on.
    The Law is their anyway, the CSA are just people who can’t get better jobs and are the endless tide of admin workers that drift form job to job
    The true fact of the matter is if you cannot bring children up on your own as in regards to money, don’t go there, or if you can’t open your purse to find afew quid at any time, Do the same with your legs.
    All the Law thats been put on and against me is only being driven by a women and no doubt she would be the first to say what a bitch.
    Should she read my story somewhere.
    Up until the fact or time and if I was to enclose her name/ address/ email contact/ phone number, and maybe have many of thousands of people knocking at her door to shame her as a human being, she would still think she had every right to do what she is doing, ( at this point remember the headlines above) once again thats a bottom line fact.
    CSA mean nothing to me, once you have had to turn your back and walk away on your daughter screamimg, Dad don’t go, but she didnt’ know their were 2 policemen watching my every move that my X for no reason what ever had asked to be around, once you have been on that head trip, they can’t, apart from they are very much part of the Law of this country, I refuse to let them upset me, and I wish other guys that are at their bottom at the moment could start to see it my way.
    Its hard, very hard, i’ve been there by myself and on my own, but thats me.
    Any of that has not helped my kids in any way what so ever.
    So I can take aa beating? been trained to do that, no problem. But not one second of any of it has any thing to do with the simple love of a child.
    This is very much what the CSA should be about, but its not, its about money.
    Head set time for evryone, it’s being driven by women, good or bad, thats the truth, and if those women think they are helping anyone but themselves, their mad.
    If other women would like to look at their own breed, by all means do so.
    Unless you think of that womens scorn bullshit which has been played to long and to often.

  2. The 64 year old disabled on May 22nd, 2013 7:51 pm

    Ha Macon, if your out there, don,t know if your a girl or a boy, just picked up on one of your write in’s.
    That walking around with a short rope looking for a long drop? been there many years ago, all by myself, alone.
    My legs were working then?
    I don’t mind to do what ever I have too or need too, to stop another guy going down the same path, as it is pointless.
    What you don’t say is that non of us get ttheir on are own, for what ever reason, their is an X partner somewhere, male or female without ( magic word coming up) compassion.
    Now in my world I think you would have to have buckets of that to be a parent let alone be a fit object to be called a member of the human race.
    Please notice another key word ( human )
    In my case and many others if the people want to be back to the jungle, lets all go back there.
    As we all know the CSA should be about children but are more about screwing one of the parents, most if not all are fathers after the phone call from the women.
    Another key word (women)
    Thats fine, they can bring it on.
    Maybe someone can tell me what compassion means because I thing I have it wrong.
    Maybe I my world as I play in it some women I see should have a compassion test.( work it into an MOT or something like that )
    A great many would fail.
    Maybe us men should move on, be alot smaller and grow fur instead of hair, that should make a big difference.
    We could even go to toilet where ever we want to, and along come the girls to sort it, no question. Is that compassion? that the fluffy little thing knows no difference.
    Try it down the CSA office , see where that goes.
    I’m off to be a hamster.
    Food for thought

  3. The 64 year old disabled on May 24th, 2013 11:04 pm

    Hi, Here is one for you all to fan the ashes.
    Just got in from helping with a goodbye party that my 13 year old god daughter was doing for one of her school mates.
    37 kids in all turned up, all single parent children, 6 six boys, 31 girls, all 13 years of age.
    Her friend that is leaving, who I don,t even know was having a tearful 10 minutes on the stairs with some of the other girls that were with her.
    Which I would expect, but the very sad thing is her mother is taking her to live in Germany and now she doesn’t expect to see her dad as often as she did, if at all.
    Which goes without saying.
    13 years old and screwed up, so another one bites the dust.
    These things do happen, but may be someone would like to put a comment to that as to whose doing what for the child?
    Because the more I see the more I really don’t understand.
    Funny but I do know her father, the last time I talked to him, he was up to his eye’s with the CSA and had tears in his eye’s talking about his daughter.
    Not being married he could do nothing to stop his child from leaving England for good.( via, he lost the case in high court)
    As said another one bites the dust, thanks to a loving mother.
    As a guy myself, it’s a total joke, and so is the lady involved, only wish I knew her??
    What is the problem you ladies have with the ownership bit, someone please tell me.
    Her dad was more than willing to bring her up, with all that goes with that,so the girl still had contact with her friends, some from infant school, but no the mother has to screw that as well, and at the same time really screw the girls dad with the help of you know who.
    All I can say is ride on girls, one day you will be really on your own, then and only then will you know what it feels like.
    In this case less the £650/ month the dads paying and will still have to pay, which he has no problem with at all.
    Their is a saying: what goes round comes round and I think it is far to slow for some people out there.

  4. The 64 year old disabled on May 25th, 2013 11:34 am

    Morning all, getting to feel all alone on here?? is their no ladies out thier who would like to answer my question/ questions about their inborn ownership thing to help me out and all or any other questions that can be raised by any of my comments.
    Please don’t get me wrong’ I am 64 and I do have a walking problem and I do use a powerchair to get around but i still love some good ladies and being around them, just like most normal guys do.
    I saying that I have not yet talked to one that does not break into a head fit when you say about it’s the females, many many thousands of em that drive the CSA along as in phone calls no CSA.
    Before you answer remember I am talking normal go to work adult human beings that once made a child together and may have been in love at one stage.
    Baring in mind if thats not the case and you find one day your with child,before you need the CSA you have 3 months to sort yourselve out with both the guy invoved (lover or not) and of course if he and yourself and of course any relationship can last the next 18 years or so giving that kid the best you can.
    That means a balanced up bringing together and not what money can be thrown or get out of a unwanted situation that either one of you or both of you have made.
    As said 37 kids last night, I was on the the door and no one was going anywhere without a parent.
    2 dads showed up ( their weekend visit) and 35 little darlings called mothers pick the rest up, looking the part, make up and all that.
    You can’t help but think of all the phone calls the 35 have made in their time on a one to one secret life of planning for money gain to the CSA.
    Mention it in female company with many females about, and you get your head bite off.
    Frankly I can see why? It’s the truth isn’t it. It maybe the Law but thats another thing, much the same as parking tickets, pain in the bum, but a fact of life, pay up and get on with your life.
    But I am talking the wants or not wants between 2 (notice the 2) people between the sheets where all this starts.
    Once it’s at the CSA’s door all they do is admin the Law and make it impossible for the same two people to really agree about anything or even want to talk to one another so the kids have to live a split life.
    Mum! don’t tell your dad? and dads! don’t tell your mum, then both wonder why they grow up twisted and top end liars to everyone.
    Or are most of you ladies ashamed you have been so stupid with your own body and more important your own mind, and the “I’ll show him” routine is not understood by the children involved and not really needed by us guy’s.
    As it is only you (the female) that makes your own mind up, by yourself, on your own, in your head to give birth ( in some sort of I want a bady anyway type thing ), then on the other end of that with all the between bits see the father/ lover/guy/ end of a good night out/ Sunday morning/ hotel holiday treat/ I was drunk/ OK I’m on the pill, go to prison??
    Which is the best bit, the head trip in the middle we can all do without including all the kids
    Someone take it up please, I’m only interested.

  5. The 64 year old disabled on May 26th, 2013 8:57 pm

    This will make you laugh, although the first bit isn’t nice at all. This came from one of our local seniors school. Guy get arrested for rape (not nice).
    This is the funny bit!! he already has nine kids by seven different women and all the kids go to the same school the whole nine of them.
    Most make some of them in the same year or even the same class
    Fun on parents/ mothers evening don’t you thing.
    Now the guy without a shadow of a doubt needs locking up for his own safety and everyone else’s, Is this what we want for our or any kids, but where are the brains of the seven women who are involved.
    Or eight by the sounds of it.
    Even being anywhere near a guy with this background.
    Someone tell me please?
    What ever makes these women tick?
    He is sure going to pay the CSA (I don’t think)

  6. The 64 year old disabled on June 6th, 2013 2:54 pm

    Hi all, 64 here, Seems like the MP can get some sense out of the CSA.
    Were up to two CSA liars and a judge that bends the rules in the CSA favour at the minute.
    Their 2 years pay back has been moved with the help of the MP, to 3 years, and the CSA have to answer the MP’s office, so their is now someone that the CSA have to answer, all most by return, so the funs come back into it.
    MP is also getting the CSA to send a copy of my case so I can see if the money is OK.
    No more secrets!!!! Ring your MP boys and get some real “free” help
    The MP is asking to look at the 2 CSA liars? ( which I recorded) could be their jobs gone, any one want to apply???
    No takers on the women PWC that drive all of this along, for that little extra income and say they don’t, but us boy’s did’nt really expect their to be.
    Shame on you girls? funny how you can hand out the mental upset, but run off to the Law and the Doctors when it’s they other way round.
    Never forget their are loving fathers out there who cannot see their kids all with your help,
    Keep you posted as it goes on.

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