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The CSA are saying that any arrears will not be paid to her

This is for a female friend. She has been separated for two years, and five months ago decided to involve the csa due to her ex only paying £150 per month for their 3 children of 9, 10 & 15.

She is paying the mortgage. She has not had the full amount set by the csa since the amount was set, the csa are telling her that arrears over three months old will not be paid.

Is this the correct information from the csa?

Thanks in advance for any help.

9 thoughts on “The CSA are saying that any arrears will not be paid to her

  1. right then, your children are a joint responsibility, but never forget that the PWC gets money(I know its reduced these days) from the state. the NRP gets nothing. you mention the mortgage? I’m in that boat, my ex stayed in the house paying the mortgage. sorry but when a relationship is ended then the house should be sold. the NRP who is probably paying bills and rent on his new home should not be expected to pay, but should expect his/her share of an equity. this is sadly forgotten that NRP’s get NOTHING . no help with costs, no easy access to children (normally) and no legal aid. So maybe 150 isn’t a bad deal. just my opinion.

  2. @ Tracy Lamb wtf has the NRP “earning a fortune” got to do with anything? As long as they pay for the upkeep for half of the finacial needs of the child that should be it right? Otherwise any surplus cash is going towards funding the lifestyle of the PWC which is probably (if the views on this forum and my own personal experiences are to be believed).

  3. All the comments mentioned are relevant in their own way, but the question was, “is the 3 month period for arrears correct from the csa”
    Does anybody know?

  4. At Ian…..only if the arrears are going to secretary of state….I’ve not heard that one, it’s a new one on me. Any arrears collected after 2010 should go to the pwc before 2010 if a pwc was claiming benefits they would only get a certain amount, normally 10.00 to 20.00 a week.

    Your friend needs to find out what was meant by that comment.

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