The CSA are rubbish at maths

July 6, 2014

First off I have found as the NRP the csa totally lie to you, dont believe a word you say and dont even have the basic grasp of maths.

They first contacted me out of the blue; had been bank transfering money into each of my two childrens accounts. Was referenced as Dad on statements, this doesn’t count to csa they tell me, could be a gift or daughter asking to borrow money.

Ok, landed with arrears..they asked for pay slips so sent them ones with no overtime on or bonus’s.

Bearing in mind I recived this request on a friday with a deadline of the following monday! But sent guaranteed next day.

So that was that…10 weeks later I get another letter saying they put a DEO for £742.47 per month on my £1300 per month wage. Argued why go straight to wages and wtf £742.47!…turns out I’ve been non compliant, they have tired to contact me…utter crap..not one phone call or letter, not one.

They have contacted my employers completely ignoring the wage slips I sent and opted for ones when I had 2 good months..lots of overtime and 1 bonus.

Have pointed out to them that its illegal to take that amount as their own rules state I should have 60% protected earnings. And they agreed. Anyone with a basic understanding of maths can see thats more than half.

They said that amount shouldn’t be coming out of my wage…we will see cos I will prosecute!

And on top of all this I dont get shift allowance any more and they shouldnt take overtime as a guaranteed income.

They dont even have basic knowledge of my family. Daughter works, leaves collage this month. It has torn us all apart, no one talks to eavh other now.Had to stop sending her money and paying for driving lessons. Her little car I bought her for when she passes her test looks likely to be sold.

I’ll prob have enough for rent n council tax and thats it in a week. Nothing to get to work pay fuel bills etc.

Nice one csa…youve messed this family beyond repair x cheers a** holes!


  • melanie parton says:

    had exactly the same n they siad it affect neither household on 1100 wage im at college no wage 3 kids at home…… want 101.45 a week thats over 5 hundred on a 5 week month mortgage is over 500 that leaves 100 for bills council tax is 102….. they have calculated on inflated incorrect figures court have told them and central appeal unit have told csa to change amount but havent n still chasing arrears on these lies now at ombudsman….tribunal ……..n minister of state stage then county court……….they are liers that ruin 2nd families n put fathers … partners n new kids threw hell mine have been told as wed not b able to pay our bills to go cap in hand to a charity to collect carrier bags of food to feed us… clothes no money school uniforms etc……have told me to sell our n our kids posessions………for a debt they caused is incorrect coz of there liez 4 yrs later still battling over it have proved their lying yet still chase us for this money we dont owe…….agency is disgusting…. incompetent……lying…….cant add up…….do i need to go on……..i hope they told pwc to go charity…….doubt it hes just a wallet while ours n us suffer like so many……government must start to listen to wat is going on

  • melanie parton says:

    people n 2nd families are being plunged in to poverty because of this ageny and there antics told sec of state…….answer we will get power ftom parliment to persue these arrears…..WHAT???????? we font owe them proved the csa have lied theyve admitted mass maladministration and has been upheld by ice and hav offered 150 quid for 20 years of admitted failure upheld by ice…….i ferl a compensation claim coming on via county court

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