The CSA are on my back for £3,000 in arrears – what can I do?

December 9, 2013

I split up with my partner in 2009 we have a daughter she was 11 at the time she is now the beginning I was calling over making cash payments I got a signed paper when I paid.then was making csa payments at 205 per month.

About a year down the line they said they made a mistake I should of paid more.So they contacted me to say they were gonna take 300 a month,i replied saying there is no way I can afford that also its not my fault they made the mistake.

So I cancelled the dd and set a standing order up so 200 a month was going to her.So she turned 16 in October which I thought was my last payment.Now the csa are on my back now with 3000 in arrears,they want 600 a month off me and have gone to my company and set it up d,o,e the only way out is for me to pck my job in.Any suggestions would be very welcoming.