The CSA are making our lives a misery

February 24, 2014

My partner has had no contact with his son since he was 3 years old he is now 12 and lives with his mother and her new husband, I have a 12 year old daughter from a previous relationship and a 3 month old baby with my partner.

The csa are making our life a misery we can just about keep our heads above water, my partner is the only earner in the house and brings home £900 per month our rent alone is £500 the csa are now demanding £389 per month as we now receive more tax credits since the birth of our daughter its a joke the boys mother and step father both work full time and they also publish their own books online and i believe this is very lucrative for them they have 3 holidays per year abroad and own their home and run 2 cars we live in a rented property have 1 old banger and havent had a holiday for 4 years we cant afford too why dont the CSA take into consideration what the residental parent brings into the household and why should my children live in poverty because of my partners previous child with whom he has no contact whatsoever

Its not that we mind helping financialy after all my partner did have this child but the amount of £389 per month is ridiculous, is there anything we can do please help i am on the verge of walking out of my relationship with our children because this is causing us soooo much stress we argue constantly and to make matters worse my partners son attends the same high school as my daughter and they are friends so she find out everything like he has the latest designer clothing and games consoles we can just about afford to put beans on toast on the table for a family dinner …………..


  • jo says:

    Hopefully when the new system comes out it will be more fairer to you guys. Is the assessment correct? Have they made a % reduction for children in your hoysehold? Might be worth seeing your mp as they are the ones who made up the stupid legislation with regards to tax credits, which I do not agree with one iota!

    If all is correct, my only advice is to split up on paper, not ideal but if your children are really struggling then you have to do best by them and tell the mp that csa has seperated another 2nd family because of its ludicrous workings out and putting people in poverty.

    Good luck

  • C Roberts says:

    I could have written that myself! Sounds exactly like our situation! I have actually decided to split up with my husband and walk away with our children as the rows are now unbearable and we simply cannot afford to live after paying a high amount to husbands ex in which he has one child with. Its leaving us with basically pennies to live off! Looks like Im going to have to go on Income support!!!!!! Thanks CSA for making once again ANOTHER family split up!!!!!!

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