The CSA are about to take my house

July 26, 2013

My case was fully closed in 2008 all paid fair and square as I thought my new partner moved in with me in 2009. Then hell broke loose from my x. she opened up the case again. I divorced her in 1990.

I told csa case was closed they told me to prove it so I got freedom of information act sent to me from csa, they never sent letter saying it was closed (how convienient). they told me I owe them nearly £10,000. I went to court, I had bailiffs round just been to court again with a court order for a child born in 1998.

I told judge I have no child aged 14 mine are 24,26,29 he just said how many children have you got. He decided to put payment on my house the csa made up wages from a place I had never worked to correspond with the 3 years they said on court order and now I have got a letter from csa solicitor to say they are sending a estate agent around to value my and my partners house

corrupt csa or what


  • Craig says:

    Brendon – you need to make a formal complaint against them and tell the complaints team that the staff have breached the Fraud Act 2006. It is also Misfeasance in a public office and a breach of the Civil Service code. Come to and join our FB group we will help you email a formal complaint get your MP involved and order your data prints

  • stuart says:

    Come and join us fighting the CSA corruption and to get help and advice dealing with these people.

  • Craig says:

    It maybe Savvy to hit them with a Commercial Lien

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    My case was fully closed in 2008…

    It does seem that no case is ever “fully closed” with these fucking vampires, their interpretation of “closed” is, “temporarily on hold until we can falsify some arrears on it at a future date”

    Corrupt scumbags…

  • Craig says:

    So much for their cause of lifting children out of poverty!!! More like the Self Servants are trying to reach their targets which Iain Duncan Smith has told them to collect and to get their bonus – fucking scum I hate them. They need torturing.

  • John says:

    Agree entirely with Mr. Whitey.

    CSA are ar-eholes. Sticking their noses into peoples private family affairs.

    Keep all documents as evidence when we all sue them!

  • Sally says:

    The CSA are a law unto themselves… we moved all assets into my name to stop the CSA and my partners greedy ex getting any more money (I had my own propery and bought into my partners as he couldn’t afford to keep it and pay the thieving CSA/ex, I heard on this website that CSA could force the sale of joint property)… and now they cannot get what he does not have… my partner gave up his job and went back to college so now the greedy ex gets £5 instead of £hundreds every mont… lol lol

    I would suggest you have a look at NACSA website and subscribe to them (£60) as they have a very high success rate of helping people fight against the CSA, if you read their ‘success stories’ you will see that they provide all the help you need to prepare you for court/CSA.. please keep us updated on your situation….

  • Lisa says:

    If they are adamant this 14 yr old is yours get the DNA test done and get a declaration of none parentage, the wankers can’t take your house without proof of what they are actually doing, I’m sure if you did have a child that old you would have heard long before now, your being taken the piss out of mate, join our website as Stuart and craig have said, we can get you some help

  • Adrian says:

    Is this property just in your name. I agree with Michael Davies. Nothing is ever gonna get done until we all stick together and form a group.
    My best advice here is move children into the house. They won’t want the publicity of kicking children onto the street.if they do ring the national papers

  • Craig says:

    Adrian They would still take the house regardless of kids being in there or not, they do it all of the time. They have a media blackout so the press would not print the story. All you see in the press is how all NRP’s try to evade paying for their kids and how they lift children out of poverty. They do not allow the press to say how many families including kids have been forced into poverty and have been made homeless. They are fucking scum I hate them and one day their time will come.

  • Mike hunt says:

    Please join this campaign:

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