The CSA are a waste of space

April 18, 2012

I have battled with the CSA for 4 years now to get regular maintenance from my Ex husband who has gone to great lengths to avoid paying for his 4 children, despite having a £35,000 pa job, plus £12,000 pa police pension and a lump sum one off payment of £71,000 in January 2010. They failed to implement a deduction against these earnings for 7 months allowing my ex to abscond from his job 2 days before their deduction was to be implemented giving me my first payment in 2 years, it then took them until July 2011 to place a deduction of earning to his pension.

Last year I complained about their maladministration of my account and an independent case examiner agreed with me & confirmed in December 2011 that I had suffered a financial loss as a result of the maladministration. I had an apology letter from the CSA also advising me that I was entitled to apply for an advance payment on the arrears that I was owed. But at that time I didn’t meet the CSA’s criteria for this payment because I had NOT received 6 consecutive payments from the Ex. The fact that it was their maladministration that had caused the deduction of earning not being put in place didn’t make any difference to them… I have now had the requied 6 payments but still they fail to rectify my account.

They also advised me by letter today that my assessment has been calculated incorrectly AGAIN & they have reduced my weekly assessment from £69 pw to £40 despite being advised the assessment would be reduced to £56 pw. At the time of my complaint my arrears stood at £2755.33 despite numerous requests they are still failing to notify me of my current arrears and each time I ring the CSA I am routed through to various different parts of the country and have to explain my case to a different person who knows nothing about my case and am passed from pillar to post … This latest mistake is just one of many they have made on my account and this is the 4th year they have failed my children miserably.


  • bri says:

    It is truly shambolic on both parts.

  • Carol says:

    I often think it would be best if everyone withdrew their cases and hopefully get rid of this shambles of an Agency and put the responsibility of this back to the Courts.

    I have been on both sides and it is nothing but disgraceful. Even speaking to people in the AGency some of them think they are something fantastic and just talk down to people.

    All I can say in all honesty as someone who waited 11 years for maintenance and never got a penny is don’t rely on ever getting anything. My case they incorrectly served DEO papers 3 times, how can someone get it wrong 3 times – which obviously meant my ex could move on so then things went quiet again despite me telling them where he was, where he was working. They are useless .

  • karen bedford says:

    Unfortunately this is now become the norm, please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others too for support and advice. As you have done a lot already dont think I could really add to it much, well done for taking it that far and proving how bad they are, it just seems to get worse and worse and shame on all the nrp who play this system well so the pwc suffer and the other nrp who do pay – pay through the roof due to this.

  • Marcus Lasance says:

    My wife is owed more that £11,000 in Child Support Arrears. This is six years after the case was officially closed as kids now adults! This August my wife will have received six regular payments of £20, but still the CSA syas she hasn’t met the criteria for an advance payment. Maladministration by the CSDA means it will take 43 years for the never resident parent (NRP) to pay back the arrears. They just hope we will die waiting I guess.

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