The CSA are a joke and they keep making mistakes

November 28, 2013

Got divorced when son was around 5 he is 17 now and I put in for csa when I had to finish work and sign on the dole. this was the old system gave them every thing they needed and kept on at them to see what was happening and nothing.

filled in yet an other form after years of them it must be onthe old system and only started getting it 4 years ago but no back pay as they have lost the claim I put in back in 2002. oh and then they messed up and put someone else’s childs name on mine

there all a joke


  • So basically, you got a divorce, quit work and expected to get looked after by somebody else and chased him for 15years for it, instead of being productive yourself? You have noone to blame but yourself for your own predicament

    Please don’t forget to give me your dating profile usernames so i NEVER accidentally message you! What a catch you sound

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