The CSA allows our money to be taken and used where it is not needed

August 14, 2013

My fiancee has a 5yr old son from a prior relationship and we have a 2yr old son together. Csa make my partner pay a large emount of his wages every month. If it wasnt for the £50 a week child tax credit we would be able to afford food or gas.

To too it off the a year we had his son every other weekend for 2 nights. Sometimes 3 nights. We rang csa about this and they say they would reduce our payments yet as the boys mother denied this they said they had to believe her dispite us havjng proof of him staying with us.

To add insult to injury my partner and i are struggling to give our son a ‘normal’ childhood, we can barely afford a bus ride to the park, and on hearing this my lartner ex laughed about how the money she recieves from us goes straight into her holiday fund.

Csa are a joke. They allow our hard earned money to be taken to where it is not needed abd let us struggle. We went without gas for i days last winter! yet csa dont care. Funny how you hold my partners money for 30 days before handing it to his sons mother your in it for your cut of the cash not to help families!


  • Sally says:

    @ Kayleigh – play them at their own game, tell the CSA that you have split up and would like to raise a claim against the father (he would need to have alternative address) and that would ensure his ex gets less as the child maintenance would have to be split equally!!

    Sasha – mothers like that would only sell the vouchers for cash at a discounted price and fund their holiday…. they have no morals or standards…

  • lilly says:

    My experience with the CSA has been good. My understanding is that if you are only having the child weekends (normally every other weekend, this is not enough contact to have payments reduced. As you have a child together, that child is counted for first before the CSA accounts for the absent child’s maintenance. Would it be the case that you just don’t wish for the other child to have maintenance from the father, ( your partner). Your child has already be accounted for first, so you shouldn’t be struggling financially. My ex-husband pays maintenance and why shouldnt he.Why should my child suffer, because he thinks its unfair to pay maintenance, he doesnt do much else for the child.

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