The court said it will cost £10k to fight for my children

June 13, 2013

My ex cheated on me with another women and and oly left me and my two sons (then aged 11 and 14) when they found somewhere to live together. THE LAW said he didn’t have to leave the marital home until he was ready as he owned half of it!

When he finally left us, they emptied our joint bank account and he canceled our loint credit cards, leaving me with two distraught children (the youngest has Autism). When i applied for income support and csa, CSA told me he didnt have to pay me anything as he was paying towards the mortgage (he requested a mortgage holiday from the bank behind my back).

I read in the CSA leaflet that he DOES have to pay UNLESS he’s not taking any profit from the house when sold (which he was) and had been misinformed by the CSA. I pointed out he was expecting half of the profits from the house sale but CSA didnt want to know. I reapplied to CSA as he stopped paying towards the mortgage and was granted some money so he took the boys to live with him without my consent (bought them both dogs, pets, etc).

Court said it would cost me £5 to £10k to fight for them and because of their ages i was wasting my money. I am devestated! He has turned the older one totally against me, blaming me for the divorce and makes it very hard for me to contact my youngest (now 14). I could not get a job as i was a full time mother and carer for my son so CSA immediately took £5 a week out of me £55 for maintenence from my income support and now the family house has sold, and we have split the money, i cannot get income supposrt and im trying to look for somewhere to live on the half i got for the house (not enough to buy anywhere) and he wants CSA to claim maintenence from the house money i was awarded byu the courts instead of maintenennce form him.

Now tell me that women always do better in divorce!


  • dai says:

    well at least you didn’t accuse him of DV or other child abuse as other scheming b~~~ches would have.

    it seems you are getting as much sympathy from the courts as any father would – ie nothing.

    the court shouldn’t be telling you how much a case will cost?

    when legal aid was freely available you would have been welcomed with open arms by a lawyer who would have told you to make every allegation under the sun – for the benefit and interests of the children of course not for his/her [usually her] bank account..

    in some ways you are lucky – he could have taken the children with him, accused you of DV etc and had you chucked out of the house etc etc CSA, non-molestation order etc.

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