The Child Support Agency is a waste of space

October 15, 2011

My claim has been going back over 12 years and they have not managed to get me a penny from the father of my two older children. About three years ago, someone from the csa rang me whilst at my place of work (as a nurse), asking me if I was happy with the service I was getting, or did I want to close the case. Obviously I wasnt happy but was sick of the fact that they was not actually doing anything for me anyway, so decided to close it as was causing to much stress anyway.

I have two other children who live with their dad and the csa take payments off me straight from my wage as Im an easy target! I explain to them that it only seems to be me paying out and they have done nothing to help me with a case going back over 12 years and this makes me struggle. I accept I should pay for my two other kids who I see every week and also buy their clothes, shoes and any extras they may need, but I also should be helped by them to get money off the so called father off the older two. I

ts only fair!!

So I decided to re open the case, I gave them all the info I had on him and where he was working and living. Every week I rang up and had excuses that the case was to be passed onto the next department. They said Id hear by letter from them, so I gave them a few weeks to sort it.

When I rang back after weeks of waiting I was told they have no record of me re opening the case. Typical, and I was told to make a complaint and that someone would definately get back to me in 48 hrs, no one bothered getting back to me in that 48 hr period. Now the ex has moved jobs and house and Im tracking him down. Its come to ahead that Im tired of the constant phone calls, being passed from one dept to another, having the lengthy phone bills, the stress, that I just cant be bothered anymore to keep pestering them as its always one step forward, two back.

What do I have to do, do their job for them. One staff member who I spoke to said I needed to be constantly phoning and pushing it forward, I explained that I have not got time to keep ringing as I work full time in a busy environment!!! The system is a total joke!!!


  • karen bedford says:

    Please join the facebook groups child support agencies failings and others for support and advice as this is unfortunately common

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