The Child Support Agency is a joke

October 17, 2011

My first daughter was born in 1992 and her father was ordered to pay £55 pcm through deduction of earnings, we then went on to have 2 more daughters together in 1994 and 1998. When our youngest daughter was born he decided to move in and be a real familly. I contacted the csa who told me to put this change in writing, this i did only for my ex to leave me for another woman 6 weeks later.I contacted csa again and told them of this and was told that there was no record of my letter and to leave it at that which i did.I then put in a claim for the younger 2 girls in 1999 and after 4 years of letter writting and phone calls still got no further.

Then imagine my surprise when in 2007 i recieved a letter from csa telling me that the money my ex paid for my oldest daughter was being stopped as they had found a letter which indicated we had reconcilled in 1998, 8 years to read a letter!!!! Again after numerous calls i decided it was more trouble than it was worth and carried on bringing up my 3 children alone with no help from their father. Then 2 years ago he seperated from his wife and she claimed for their child ,bringing my case to light again and i suddenly started to recieve payments for all 3 girls.I have had numerous problems since inc, payments getting stuck on wrong systems?,being paid ointo wrong bank acount, payments being made to other parent with care on his case ect but the biggest blunder of all was when i discovered that for the time they had stopped paying me the csa had still been taking payments every month from my ex, a total of £4500. I wrote to the csa about this as this i believe to be my childrens money and was again told to put it in writing.

This i did and recieved back a letter stating that a full account breakdown was to be done and giving me a time scale of 12 weeks.2o weeks later i called again and was told the same thin 12 weeks, again and again i complained over the phone, in writing and via email and 2 years on have recieved nothing!! A call last month to the csa had me at my witts end when i was told the work had been completed on my case and the £4500 was being reimbursed top my ex! I asked for this decision in writing and a full explanation of how this desision could possibly have been made and was told to expect this in the next 7 to 10 days. It has now been allmost 6 weeks and when i call the csa they refuse to speak to me regarding this matter.

This is absolutly without a doubt the worst government agency and their total disregard for the mistakes they are constantly making is shamefull!! Now a father who has not only got away with not paying for 2 of his children for most of 17 years he is being given a pat on the back and a nice little payment of £4500 for his effort while i continue to struggle along bringing up his children without a penny i am owed!!!!


  • Montanna says:

    Csa doesn’t work because it has enormous powers and no accountability.

    Cm options is worse.

    They weld powers of law which judges take ages to aquire.

    This was a stupid idea.

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