The child might not be my partner’s but the CSA don’t care

October 3, 2013

My partner is In debt with csa after refusing to pay any money to a child he has been denied access too! The mother slept around got pregnant and said my fella is the father, he did sow his seed but was stoned at the time, he was 19/20 at the time he is now 28!

The csa are saying that he must make payments his name is on the birth certificate so is his. He wants a DNA test done but they have refused him one. He doesn’t see the child and doesn’t even know his date of birth extra. When the child was born he saw him after the birth, a few times more after that, denied access after he forgot about the christening which by all means I would gone mad about, then csa wanted money once he wasn’t able to see him.

This is really annoying and painful as I can’t get pregnant after trying for over 12 months. This is why it needs sorting because my partner could have a low sperm out and the child might not be his but csa don’t give a ****!


  • leighanne says:

    Csa are a bunch of c**ts …..fact

  • John says:

    Take no notice of the CSA and book a free consultation with a solicitor. Ask your solicitor to draft a warning letter regarding a DNA test. It would probably cost £50 for the letter. It’s up to you if you want to use a solicitor after that, but they are expensive.

    Good luck.

  • AnonyMum says:

    My partner has a similar issue, his ex was never faithful, but as his name is on the birth certificate, the CSA take that as proof of paternity. They said if he wanted a DNA test he would have to fund it himself, and pay for all parties to be tested – that said, if he does that and the child isn’t his, they would reclaim what he has paid in support from the mother, as she obtained it on false grounds.

    He also no longer has access as she has denied it, however this is not a matter for the CSA – this is only something the court can enforce if your partner chooses to apply to exercise his right to see his (potential) child.

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