The amounts are disproportionate to the needs of the children

June 9, 2013

Well what can i say…The amounts IE 35% earnings taken and disregard of real living is ignored.It has to stop…. The amounts are disproportionate to the needs of the children.My ex was earning at least 100k and when she ditched me the courts took no notice of this even though i was living in a caravan and then this created problems with my business as i had nowhere to keep stock.

It is one law for women and a complete bias towards them. If things were fair and even you woudnt even need any legal people.I did nothing wrong in wanting contact with my children this was totally ignored by courts despite her lack of co operation in most of the orders given nothing was done about her behaviour.Then you wonder why fathers dont want to pay.What else do we have left……All contact should be in law so both parties are clear before divorce or anything else is sorted and then given six months before settlement is complete…If one party fails then they dont have kid best interests at heart..yours the courts did nothing about….

No one has ever supported me in my situation.Its same old same old . Why is there no one accountable for this….they make the orders decisions and sleep easy.You cant bring back time..You can relate understand why fathers crack and do some awful things i coudnt, but understand why in their desperation this happen and will more and more until the government comes into the real world.Al .


  • Marcia M says:

    This is so true. My ex ran off abroad and so I get zilch for bringing up my 2 children, one disabled – and I do not claim benefits, I work – damn hard to provide for them.

    My new partner however, has an ex chasing after squaddies and in the past year, his children have attended 4 different schools in 3 different towns across the UK, yet now they are 320 miles away, it costs a ridiculous amount to get to see them, but still he pays his ex, her maintenance. It is so unfair.

    She had so much money upfront but because she isn’t very good at managing money, keeps coming back pleading poverty.

    The Government must get this more balanced as so often the mothers use the children to fleece the fathers and the fathers are quite often in fact the better parent. If the PWC moves the children away, they should meet at least half the travel costs as they know the situation before making the decision to move, called taking responsibility for your own decisions. If a father is denied access or it is made awkward by the PWC, then maintenance should stop until the PWC plays ball. I know and agree it should be about the needs of the children but the PWC can so easily play the current system and it isn’t about the children’s needs.

  • eddie says:

    we have to hold them accountable….. They can’t even tell me wht my child needs so how can they calculate an amount…………. Does a child whose parent earns £300 per week need more than a child whose parent earns 100 per week….. NO… when the DWP assess extra benefit on top of a single persons claim (i.e. for a child) it amounts to £25 per week yet they tell you your child need 15% of your wwage…. its outrageous…. Contact [email protected] we need to canvass the cause….

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