The amount I pay hasn’t changed in five years – should I tell the CSA?

July 5, 2013

Hi, just a quick question. I’ve been paying CSA for 5 years and at the start they asked of it was ok to go through my work. I said yes. (I’m guessing this is to adjust the 15% accordingly). Anyway over the years the amount hasn’t changed. Should I contact CSA to tell them or will they be aware?

Also I’m having another child in the next few months so will this affect the outcome?

Any response welcome.


  • Adrian says:

    Regarding the new child. Then yes inform them and they should adjust accordingly. I.e you should pay less than what your paying now.
    Now for the bad news. If over the past 5 years you have had pay increases on your wage then this may tip you into arrears. Which they will more than likely increase payments. Csa are useless. Blame everyone else but themselfs

  • Sven Carlson says:

    Hi. I’ve just taken a DNA test and it has given a 99.9999% that I’m the father. However it was a one nightstand in the back of a car with a friend of the family. I would like to know if my rights are taken into account as I never involved in any decision to have a child. Why after 12 years should I be told to man up and pay? Is this legal? any idea how I should deal with this? as the arrears are mounting up!

  • Lee says:

    The CSA will not backdate it 5 years – we only go off when a change of circumstances is reported, and only do the change that’s notified. Simply ring up, tell us you’ve got another child but no other changes, and we’lldo that. However, if your ex partner rings up and asks for a reassessment based on earnings, we’d look at that, too.

  • Mr.Whitey says:

    As Adrian said, you can inform them of your new child, (congratulations, by the way), and they’ll lower your payments accordingly…then the scum will ‘find’ some arrears to go with it, so given the deduction for your new child and the conveniently new found ‘arrears’, you’ll probably be paying more at the end of the day…utter fucking cunts.

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