Thanks to the Fathers for Justice, my ex got away with kidnapping my son

November 30, 2013

Welll were to start at the beginning I think!

My ex partner kidnapped my son and thanks to the lovely fathers for justice he got residancy.

After many years at court paying court fees etc and arrange contact for myself, he fled to scotland but without my permmission With that sorted i have a court order that states i have to pay to have contact with my son etc travelling there b n b and other stuff and now my ex has got in contact with the csa and well ive just added up what I have to pay and its 3253.09 wow for the period from feb 2011 to present day , even thou in that tax year I earnt 2000 and in 2012 I earnt 11, 622.33 would just like some help as I cant afford csfucking A and to go and see my son


  • scott says:

    Its funny how when a child’s farther gets the upper hand the its kidnapping.
    This same story happens to 1000’s of fathers every day but for some reason its not called kidnapping its called in the child’s best interest.

    Its nice to hear of the shoe being on the other foot for a change

  • Adrian says:

    The amount they say that you owe them does not add up ? 1 child I get roughy 2300.00.
    I’m a little confused though as to the kidnapping to Scotland. Scotland is not another country yet. But I’m guessing the courts gave you ex custody of the child which means he doesn’t need your permission to take the child away. I know it’s hard to deal with the csa and I and probably everyone on this site will agree they are incompetent and have little sympathy for nrp as well as pwc. It just amounts to figures. Anyway there’s not much you can do really. Your ex isn’t breaking the law.
    I would defo ask the csa how they come to that amount of arrears and ask when the claim was started as they can only got from the date of when the pwc claimed from.

  • rachel thomas says:

    OMG you call yourself ADULTS you should be ashamed. This lady has come for advice and what does she get GRIEF from you all. Its sad. My ex got shared residency. I cant move house doctors or school without telling him. But yet pays nothing for his child BUT my husbsnd gets screwed by his ex. You should treat her like every other person in the same boat REGARDLESS of their sex.

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