Thanks to the CSA for all the help they provide in destroying lives

June 28, 2013

After seperating from my partner I continued to provide for my daughter in every way. 3 months later my ex asked me for £800 and would take that into account for 3 months money in advance for our little girl. As love for them both still I gave her the money. 3 days later I had a call from the CSA saying they had been instructed and would start the claim from that day.

I explained what I had just paid. The response: We are not concerned about money before paid only from the day they were instructed. I was allowed to provide evidence of the payment but they came back a week later and said my ex had admitted to receiving the money but it was for something else. Later found the something else was for a shopping spree and to buy a £300 dog, replacement for me I guess.

Thanks to the CSA for all the help they provide in destroying lives.


  • Jack says:

    My EX told CSA I was working, earning £35,000 a year and gave them a false address, I wasn’t even working at the time and was in fact claiming JSA. So now I have £1400 of arrears. Oh and to top it all off, she wasn’t even looking after the kids at the time, but because I didn’t appeal the amount it can’t be changed.

    She was still claim child benefit, Income support, etc.. for them. So not only did she lie to CSA, she defrauded the DWP. Do they care??? No.

    CSA said I can write, but as it is to late to appeal, they won’t do anything.

  • Bonnie says:

    If all else fails ……………offer part payment of arrears. New law passed Dec 2012 section 32 & 33 of child maintenance and other payments act.

  • Bonnie says:

    Part payment of arrears in full and final satisfaction . Always in writing though.

  • Mrs Beckham 2 says:

    Bonnie please can you add a link to the said sections of the new law passed. We are waiting for the dreaded arrears letter but we know we don’t have the funds, as after being on ESA for years we have debts that we have been paying, since my partner got a new job march ’13.
    I have also been told you have up to 2 years – the max time allowed to repay arrears interest free, is that in the new law, if so which section pls.
    Jack – that’s awful! What a bitch. It’s pure vindictiveness on the PWC part!!
    Steve – let’s all pray the dog shits in her bed!! and all over her bedroom!!

  • Bonnie says:

    I dont have a link. If you google part payment of arrears csa it will come up It is section 32 & 33 as I said above.. All I know is I have just helped friends do this, I stumbled on this new law as CSA wont tell you about it, the csa staff told the NRP it didnt exist and laughed at him. So we wrote a letter of complaint naming the staff who said they were from the arrears dep and were calling the NRP for a payment schedule to pay arrears. So if they are working in the arrears dep why the hell do they not know a new law was passed on Dec 10th 2012? The response was that this employee had not had training yet !! Really? in May but this was passed in December? Anyway I have wrote a post on what forms are needed and the process we went through but its not been published on the forum yet. I thought that Sec of State arrears might not be included but they were, so you could give csa an overall offer like 5k if you owe 10k and they will distribute to the SOS and PWC, or do what we did and get the PWC to write off arrears first (there was some trust there) and then paid her direct in settlement and got a receipt. Then paid the csa their sos arrears and just waiting on the confirmation letter now as Im not sure if they send a letter saying the case is CLOSED? a Private agreement is in place and the only letter so far was that liability is no longer in force. Can anyone answer that for me? Dont want the csa rearing their head in years to come.

  • Carol says:

    If you have arrears that have been caused because CSA didn’t amend their records and you can prove you were in receipt of a benefit such as jsa then the CSA have to amend the assessment. My (now ex thanks to cSA) partner went to appeal and CSA are having to recalculate because of this. He had been on jsa for about 5 years but CSA kept assessment in place at £96.84 which meant a lot of arrears. New legislation came in in 2009 seemingly allowing this to happen. You will probably have to go through the lengthy appeal process to do it, cos for some strange reason CSA like pwc to believe they are due stupid amounts of money when it’s nowhere near the truth.

  • brett says:

    Mrs Beckham. The collecting of any arrears, or to put it correctly ” ficticious arrears “, in two years is a guideline only. They will tell you it has to be collected in that time. The CSA are on targets/bonuses, so they will hound, threaten, intimidate, lie and do all they can to get the money and make the NRP’s life hell.

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