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Tell us your CSA horror stories

If you’d had problems with the child support agency then please let us know about it. You don’t have to give your name or any details about your private life, or your specific case. We just want to know about the CSA and the way they’ve dealt with you.

You can register on our website here and add your story direct to the website. There’s no need to speak to anyone or even email us, just sign up, login and in and write down the troubles you’ve had with the child support agency.

Whether you’re a non resident parent or a parent with care, let us know exactly what’s happened with you and the CSA.

Remember, it’s completely anonymous. The Child Support Agency won’t know who you are and the more complaints and stories we get on this website, the better chance we have of actually getting things to change.

Tell us your child support agency stories now.

4 thoughts on “Tell us your CSA horror stories

  1. My Daugher has had an on going battle with the CSA. Her ex Partner is a drug addict and has not paid anything for the last few months. I think her last payment from him was August and that was for about £100. She is in full time employment in London and he works in London s well. She supports the children. They both go to Nursery four days a week. I look after them one day a week as I work in London on the other four days as well. She has a mortgage and bills to pay and has had nothing from him. They are supposed to be going through his employer now but they have told her she probably wont get any money from him until after christmas . If she did not have me or my Husband to help her out I dread to think what she would do. She has complained to the CSA and accordingly they say they have dealt with her complaint. They have not answered half ot the points that she has made. She has now had to go onto Stage two of the Complaints Procedure and complain to the Complaints manager. I think it is absolutely disgusting that the absent Parent gets time to pay and the parent looking after the children is just left to their own devices. Her ex is earning a decent wage and spending it on himself – drugs – nights out clubbing in London. Why should he be the one that they have to give plenty of warning too. They are his children and he could not care less. My Daughter is now up to the limit on her overdraft. He owes her £2,500 now and this will be going up every week. How is she supposed to manage. He does not contribute to the Mortgage, bills etc, all he has to do is pay her 20% of his salary. I am sure that he has plenty of money to spare once he has been paid. She has nothing. Nursery fees alone cost her £1,600 a month and she does all this so that she can keep going to work in order to put a decent roof over her childrens head rather than claim benefits. Where is the justice in all this??

  2. Hi

    I work full time, earn 1660 a month before tax etc. Have just been reassed as i do not pay now for my daughter just my son. Had the reassement come through today its dropped 10 pounds a week but they now take into account my rent etc.
    In 2008 i payed 220 rent a month and no council tax i was living in a room in a house. I moved and reapplied in 2011 as my rent went up to 450 a month and 660 a year council tax, they said no that wont affect what you pay. so in real terms today i am paying more for one than 2 children.

  3. My name is Rod Hubbs. I’m a 55 year old Disabled Marine veteran on full disability for service-connected hypertension, PTSD and Neurological disorder. In 1984 my wife left while I was on deployment. She obtained welfare and declared me deserted while maintaining residence in my father’s home.

    I am now approaching my 30th year of paying Child/Spousal Support.

    Following two attempts to divorce I discovered that she failed to complete proceedings and remained married to me and married another man in 2002. All attempts to report bigamy to the Contra Costa County DCSS have been met with contempt and indifference. She has been required to reimburse the county for Welfare Fraud.

    I have not received a tax refund in 30 years.

    All workmens Comp settlements were intercepted.

    My California Drivers License has been suspended for up to 5 years at a time.

    My bank account has been intercepted many times in the full amount.

    I cannot obtain a passport nor am I allowed to move out of State according to Contra Costa County.

    The Deputy Director of Humboldt County and a Private Investigator requested an audit and attempted to intervine on my behalf in 2012 with no success. The Distric Attorney’s case worker informed me that should I continue to seek advocacy they will attach and take 100% of my disability.

    In 2001 my amount owed jumped from $9,000 to $34,000.

    By 2012 I had reduced amount to $19,000 when they added an additional $18,000 to my arrears and I now owe $38,000 dollars and have not missed a support payment in 12 years!

    Because of legal complications pertaining to this case I cannot afford an attorney nor can I locate counsel pro bono. Contra Costa County is well aware of this and operates without consequence of their actions. They continue to attach my disability benefits and I’m told I will pay for the rest of my life.

    Please consider doing an investigative report… I want to prevent this from happening to a new generation of veterans returning to civilian life. I offer my full consent to make this story public…I can no longer tolerate this injustice and have lost all hope. A County Government should not be more powerful than the State or Federal Government.


    Rod Hubbs, BSW
    USMC Disabled Veteran
    Bachelor Degree-Social Work
    Associate in Arts in Social Science
    [email protected]

    Contra Costa County California 1984 to present.
    CSE Case Number: 0132954540-1
    Court Case Number: 275447

  4. Hi everyone so many sad story’s out there. My story is just as bad I was married for over 20 years work hard had house. Things change like thay do with out going into detail i lefted with 20pounds family put me up had to start my live had no job or money. So I started a business going good .in the meantime I never ones abandoned my children. Any way time gone by she decided to abandon my son so he stayed with me. Time gone by things are going well than she decided to abandon my second son. Okay no problem he is now staying with me i love my children I’ll do wot it takes. Just like to say to every body man or woman are children is not a investment there people to love trust me there to pick you up. Childsupport is chasing me for over 2000 i have explained my sons been living with me they said not there problem it makes me think it’s not about children. I like to say having doubt with childsupport thay do not listen and also thy leave it to long so you are going to get in arrears .well any way got that off my chest just one thing to all absent parents please remember the day when there born they need support not childsupport Thanks for reading merry Christmas Greg

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