Taking 20% of my partner’s children’s child tax credits

May 24, 2011

I worked with a take home salary of £200 a week. I paid £45.00 to the CSA by way of child main. for my previous two children whose mother broke every court order and lied to the court to keep me away from them. I paid this regularly through my salary each week. I then received a reassessment from the CSA which said I had to pay an extra £30.00 – 20% of my partner’s own children’s child tax credits!!!

This meant my ex partner received 100% of our children’s child tax credits and 20% of another woman’s children’s tax credits for four children!!! I was only given an allowance in the assessment for 3 children which made the assessment ludicrous. The CSA also could not by Law take any more money out of my salary as I had to,by Law be left with so much to live on.

This meant my partner had to had over 20% of her child tax credits direct to my ex partner!!! Over her dead body!! We approached our MP… who was to say the least puzzled but nope… the CSA was right in their assessment. Margaret Hodge MP explained why, which was a pile of utter rubbish and her explanation did not fit our personal circumstances. We took advice from the CAB who informed us that if we paid what was meant to be paid to the CSA from their revised assessment, we would be over £20.00 under the Income Support leven!!!

My partner gave up his job due to ill health.


  • lisa says:

    I dont blame your partner one bit for giving up his job, that will show the greedy lazy bitch for trying to take you for all your worth, its about time women in this country learned CSA is a waste of peoples time, good on you, you and your partner might just have a life now,

  • j says:

    In other posts I’ve commented that I think the actions of the csa breach human rights laws, the Karoonian case shows a clear article 6 ECHR breach, the csa themselves are worried that snooping into your bank account constitutes an article 8 ECHR breach. I’m pretty sure this current situation “Taking 20% of my partner’s children’s child tax credits” will in time also be shown to be a breach of ECHR rules.

    The whole csa nonsense appears to be nthing moe than a ‘scam’ and I’m pretty sure that at some point the whole thing will be shut down as a result of ECHR regulations. Not that this government will care, the will be kicked out by then.

  • carol says:

    So you are working for £155 per week?

    You definitely would be better off unemployed, nevermind your partner.

    Taking off an unrelated womans children, simply greedy, vindictive, and selfish.

    Another case of MP’s being no use, simply because they are in the club, and we’re not

  • melanie parton says:

    yep they have calculated my tax crefits for my children as “household income” to pay her who already got tc 100% for her kid n she wsnts my kids muny……wat i dont get is this muny is paid coz the law ssys we dont hav enyff to live on n if didnt hav children wudnt get it as its for the kids so how then can they take it to pay znother child wen he so learly gets hiz own n leaves mine without?????? how is this even legal

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