Surely when people get back together a case should close?

August 16, 2014

My partners daughter is 14. When his ex found out they were pregnant he wrongly ran away and didn’t see or pay for her. His ex opened a case with csa. They never contacted him (from what I know)to claim any money.

Him and his ex got back together 6 years later and he was with her until 2years ago and has paid maintenance (agreed privately) since.

He spoke to csa as knows she is asking too much and is leaving him in debt. They told him if he does it through them they will resurrect the old case and he will owe £15,000!!!!!

Does anyone know if they can do this? Surely when they got back together or after so long the case is officially closed. His ex never furthered the case or demanded action when first opened! Any help and advice would be great.


  • melanie parton says:

    They can backdate yo when she opened case they dun it to us… bk to 1994 wed herd nothing told no case was open then bam asess assess asses thank god most of its nil but have used wrong figures to inflate a 6480.70 debt we dont owe her its with ombudsman at mo……..fight all the way

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