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Surely this is illegal?

I was making direct payments to ex which was agreed by her and a monthly reasonable amount that we both agreed to. I started a new job and was doing over time as I had a baby on the way with my now partner. with this she took it upon herself to go through to the csa for my wages to be assessed at the added overtime rate, even though the amount I paid was agreed by her! they evaluated my wages at a payment based on my overtime which was no longer available to me. also she did not declare with them that I had been paying her directly so they added arrears onto my payments of which I cant afford anyway. I have still been making payments with the csa and then they took it upon thereselve to get a court order against my wages and willingly took, 501.00 one mont then 400.00 the next and still keep taking these amounts to pay off arrears I do not have!

I have a 10month old baby to provide for too and im struggling to pay rent bills etc let alone the care of my 10month old. I have sent all the bank statements of the monies entering her account I had paid to the csa so they have the proof I have paid in black and white. there response was she says you haven’t paid so you need to pay! so I am still fighting a battle that seems to be going nowhere, im at the end of my tether. surely this is illegal.

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  1. Sounds like your being royally screwed every month, the CSA dont care whether you cant afford to pay, they are only bothered about money coming in from whoever, and the bonuses the staff recieve for every payment secured, join our group then we can get you some help, we need to make a stand, without this we dont stand a chance of having a normal life!/groups/204256966364149/

  2. Same happened to us,despite all our support & help over the years pwc contacted the agency & because she initially contacted them 8 years BEFORE & my husband responded & filled in the MEF they can go back years for CM ! We think it was jealousy as she was having boyfriend problems! DO the CSA NOT THINK that she would have mentioned it to them BEFORE if she wasn’t getting money from US not leave it 8 years to do so !!!We had a letter last May saying we were thousands in arrears !! One year on ,we are existing ..just ,our son age 6 is left in the position of living in our home with no thought & consideration from the CSA..& they call it Child Support. Where’s his child support ?
    We got MP involved but they seemed to confuse everyone with the rules!!Had a tribunal,won the right to have the children that lived with us taken off the arrears ! Small victory but only what we should have as they could see I was receiving Ch ben for them.Wish we had asked judge to oversee the whole thing .He was right & fair & even told the pwc off for talking out of turn !!
    This legislation,that legislation, what you should have done ,what you didn’t do,what counts, what doesn’t count at the end of the day …WE PAID & hopefully one day will be given the credit for it! It has put extra stress on our marriage & made us all ill with stress(even our young son ) but have stuck together through adversity -let’s just pray this doesn’t go on much longer.

  3. The only way to deal with the issues raised in this and other forums is to challenge this type of problem in court, but don’t get me wrong most judges sit on the side of the CSA now wanting to call itself DWP, because like any useless company you have to rebrand yourself. Regina v Egonu Plymouth Crown Court on the 24th June 2013 will deal with some of the issues raised here. We can all be tired of putting up with rubbish but until we take a united stand it will mean nothing.

    Also please sign this e-petition.

    Keep up the fight!!

  4. It is my understanding that the csa use the date your ex contacted them as when your CSA payments start from. Anything before then is a private matter and they cannot get involved. My ex was getting regular weekly payments paid by standing order. She contacted the CSA out of pure greed as she thought she could get more money. They took my date as when she contacted them.. What the thick bitch failed to realise was I was paying her over the odds.. Consequently her payments were reduced… She could have reverted to a private agreement but like many PWC she uses the CSA as a weapon. Seven years later she started receiving the same amount as I was paying through private agreement.

    You need to have the CSA reassess your case and provide them by recorded delivery COPIES of your wage slips for three months. Don’t speak to the monkeys who answer the phone as they do not log all calls.. Bite your tongue and be polite whilst answering the twenty security questions (is this the CSA or MI5?) Insist on speaking to a manager or a supervisor. Tell them you rang last week.. When they check ‘the system’ they will say they don’t have a record of this.. Tell them that’s why you want to speak to a manager.. Tell them this is not the first time your call hasn’t been logged. They are reluctant to put you through to someone higher so this is why you have to tell a SMALL white lie.. You could write instead of phoning always using recorded delivery but it takes ages as they are so busy.. because they are incompetent oxygen thieves dealing with complaints all day long..

    I would also contact by writing the Data Protection Officer for a copy of all the information they hold on your case.. Costs a tenner and they have forty days to get this to you. Forty days not forty working days..

    Keep you chin up my friend and hopefully if everyone pulls together somehow we can disband this organisation that is not fit for purpose.

  5. Mike it will take some disbanding government corruption is hard to prove and this is what the assessment process is. I am trying to set up groups to forma union countrywide as I dont feel that individuals spread all over the country can shout loud enough: we need a collective approach and voice. Anyone interested please contact me at [email protected]

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